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1/27/2020 Tulsi Gabbard Statement below half way down the page


Woodstock  50 years later - still dancing in the streets 

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                  Global Weapons of War

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Global Weapons Of War
From low tech weapons to high tech weapons.
The Global impact of war on our lives, around the world and beyond. We are covering it all, some you might not like or othes you might. Either or we are covering everything. It needs to be done.
We will be covering all types of weapon systems. And also covering how war's were fought and lost and won. In the end no one really win's, you just have dead bodies to clean up at the end of the day, but none the less people are war junkies. It's in our movies and kid's games.
So this page is for the hard core blood and gut's guys and gals, and it will have very graphic content.
Site is still under construction, the stories are not in order
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