Trump's Wall Of Hate

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Who Killed our space program? { Obama Biden } Under Which administration did the world see the highest amount of terrorism? Yep The creators of ISIS {Obama - Biden - Clinton} Who Violated Civil Rights and other acts against minorities. Michael Bloomberg:: Who left minorities - Vets and elderly in the cold During Hurricane Sandy Pulling generators from those in need for his marathon { Yep - Michael Bloomberg} !!! You Reap What You Sow :: Erin Go Bragh No Irish Support For Biden Or Bloomberg !

​What happened in Washington DC is Disgraceful

We have had enough of the BULLSHIT. 2020 is around the bend


       Trump teaching hate within the walls of DC - Where a foundation of freedom once stood - Now having children build the {witch hunt ?} wall or what ever else they want to call it. Short and to the point - it's plain and simple - "Hatred in its purest form.."

                                       Halloween Night - Satan's Playground