9/3/2019 Breaking News: Political [Liberal] Leader assassinated in Colombia [Breaking Her Word] - France24 Reports
Raping America - Didn't Wall Street Make Enough Off The TAX CUTS - There is more then enough oil in the world Venezuela - Pipe Line From Canada - Iran - Russia - Kenya - We call Bull Shit With These Yearly On Going Gas Price Games '

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Collecting Space Junk

The Time Warp - A Blast From The Past

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              How to recognize a space junkie: The walls in their homes will be

covered with flown flags and autographs boosting of patches and pins and

stories on where these cool items were from. A china hutch that once held

grandmas old dishes, now hold models of the shuttle and meteorites picked up

along the way. Oh, Yes we are Space Junkies. 

The New Age Space Race