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The Secret Society Life Style 

               Long ago and far away in a distant land, came a tribe of Craftsmen, they have been called many things over the past few hundred years. And at one time accused of many thing's they never committed.

when behold a King and a Pope put to death many great men of faith.

               For many of you today your quest to the Truth Of The Knights Templar.( a treasure hunt) Well, funny thing happens when people see you are connected in someway to them, and no secret for my family history its on the net, now who are we and where to we stand and most times its what Lodge to you belong.

              A cool thing happens, they try to get close to you, and I'll be damned out comes the phone, trying to record what your saying, trying to get to you admit one thing or another.

            It's political season, for the sake of sparing this poor excuse  of a man from embarrassment, we will give him the nick name Vinny, an old guy, skinny, toothless ,his attempt to get out of a chair reminds you of someone with ( Peyronies Disease)  as he walks around with his face sunk in  - from not having any teeth , you almost feel sorry for him, till you realize every question he asked, was of one you might here during an investigation. Now if you have never been interviewed by an FBI agent ( You will at some point in your life , if your an activist or just a hard working journalist.) Trying to get you to answer questions on tape - the whole time trying to let you see he is attempting to record you. Ah, the joy's of watching a complete moron try to trick you into saying something. Little does this village idiot know who you really are, all the time knowing, trying to catch you saying the right thing - that can be cut and pasted for grand jury action.

          Ah, the smell of stupidity fills the air - I make jokes to the effect of this encounter. Not fitting - even for a Agatha Christie's -who done novel, nor this poor excuse of a story. However finding it funny to reflect on one great thing that has came of this- years back while then Actor Joe Biden ( Yah, our ex-vice of the United States) was talking - he spouted out the words "Give Them Misinformation" how fitting to think of a man - who you can't stand - while having to contend with a idiot, all the while remember the best lines from Agatha Christie. A complex world and a school of thought.

          I woke out of a dead sleep to write this little bit of crap- coffee from the microwave in hand  - really not sure if Vinny Peyronies knew who we really are - even after visiting our website, funny thing he said "to many graphics and to many websites" , kinda sounds like the CIA tracking a terrorist - getting lost in the confusion. Ok, I know I'm the only one who thinks I'm funny when it comes to bashing those guy's - but - hey who loves ya baby. The greatest thing in life has been to do things no one would ever believe - as I sat in a smelly room surrounded by bars - chuckling at the intake Lawyer - "this is  so cool" - it's like something out of a movie, I said that's nice " I'm the one behind bars" The joy's of being a funny guy. You only live once my friends enjoy it, You will always have a target on your back if you speck the truth, it is your choice how you live what through what is to transpire - at some point we are all going to die - for myself my second run of cancer, no one cares, no one helps, I struggle to make a few extra bucks to pay for medical bill - $250.00 for an office visit with an cancer Doctor - just to hear them say - we are keeping an eye on it - All the time knowing - your cancer is creeping up on you once again, knowing your going to die - the Doctor only being friendly - to shake off the cold ill feeling of knowing he just lied to you- maybe rightly so - this man - A doctor who can only do so much - being at the Mercy of the Rich And Powerful - those who can afford to pay for his big home and in some cases a yacht. Makes you wonder - did he ever really care or had he more enjoyment playing the part of a Doctor.  .

Part two "The Craigslist Resume"

An inspiration in a world gone mad - My memories - my stories - all to my own.

The Spy Game 

Inspired by a smile.

American State Run Nightly News 

10/26/2019 Still waiting for part 3 of the spy game - well you're going to have to wait -a touch longer - we are giving a few people a little more time to play their games. Meanwhile back at our future studio - we are working on our projects - still laughing at the attempt to get us to say things- when in reality it's on all our sites - amazing the ignorance that we deal with - people thinking that old school game is still going to work - We guess if it makes people feel better about their own  insecurities - we will play along - for now. 

In case you don't get this? It's the same old crap. Over and Over.

Part One

                   People say I have many talents- rightly so. As I surfed the truck driver job ads a few years back - there sat a coded ad looking for help. I played along for kicks and giggles - they needed internet security help, instead of just knocking on my door asking for help - they had to play the test my intelligence game, I played along called, he said send a resume, I emailed outlining my experience - My Experience " I can smell at rat at 50 feet and shot it's eye out at 200 yards" Well I thought it was a fitting job application, what would you expect from a funny guy. 

Part three coming soon

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