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Exodus at the White House

              When did honor - truth - patriotism take a back seat in this country? Have we become so numb that we have allowed greed to overpower Justice? 

              I assume as it was then [Bible] That it holds true now. How the Faithful city has become a whore! Once she was filled with justice, righteousness. [Isaiah 1:21]

              We are an Independent Journalist and will remain so. We will dig for the truth and post the truth - to what is taking place in this country and around the world. The Romper Room Theatrics taking place in the news lately makes one wonder about the future of our planet. [More coming in 2019]. Yes, we use graphics on our sites - you have to find some humor in life to compete with the madness coming out of Washington.Which in itself gives a whole new meaning to "Lost in the Wilderness"

             Children learn from what they are taught. There is zero morality in Government - we are losing ground by letting this display of temper tantrums to take hold in the first place. It's become alarming at times and frankly has become a social disorder at best. 

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