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1/27/2020 Tulsi Gabbard Statement below half way down the page


Woodstock  50 years later - still dancing in the streets 

‚ÄčThe Resistance : Its History - Rewards and Failures 


A kingdom divided can not stand

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Learn to how search for the truth

We are guided by great men who could lead.

What is the Document Below? And Who Are The Men Who Signed it?

1960's The Rise Of Freedom

Understanding Civil Rights 


Out of the ashes of the 1960's Our Blood Sweat and Tears

America's First Civil War - Real History 

The Past - The Present - The Future

Out of the ashes came two men Proclaiming that they lead the way and deserve to once again

turn our country into a shit hole dividing us at every turn. We will cover what both men have

done to this nation and the world. We will cover Joe Biden and Donald Trump. The rise and fall

of what we all fought against. Deception - Hatred - and the senseless killing and war's. We are

moving forward as a country. Uniting the bonds that tore our families apart - turned us against

each other, not our brothers and sisters who were forced to war and those who stood against it.

Americans who deeply cared about each other were forced to fight for what is right, for what is

good. Yes out of the ashes came a spiritual revolution, a revolution of hearts and minds for a

moment in history we came together, many died in this fight. And so the truth will be told. We

will remember our history and we will protect against the Evil that we fought then and the evil

we still fight as a country. Read the photo below about what one of our few great Presidents.