Islamic Center Of Orlando
Inter - Faith night Every Wedenesday Evening
This week brought people of all faiths together in wake of the horrific terrorist attack at a Orlando night club.
The blood of 49 innocents, their live's were taken by Omar Mateen who was inspired by ISIL , IS or ISIS, same thing no matter how you say it, a world wide terrorist group who fear's nothing.
This page will take time to put together.
The Blood Of Innocents
Terrorist attack in Orlando Night Club.
Page is deicated to those who lost their live's and try to bring healing and understanding.
This horrific act has only shown that the American people , not our Government, can come together in a time of need.
We the people are very strong willed when backed into a cornor
Before proceeding please take a min to clear your head and say a pray for those who died and those who are still suffering and for those who are grieving.
And a pray for those who had to face off with the terrorist and those who have to clean up this mess and those first responders at the crime scence and the hospital Doctors and nurses and many other who aided in this.
God Bless and peace be upon you - all of you who cared, really cared thank you.
One Of Many Vids Played At the Mosque

Many People spoke at the Mosque
We are keeping their names off this page, due to the death threats this mosque is getting and the fact ISIS likes making hit lists.
On with it, many people stated they have unity with the mosque and many have spent time exchanging ideas before the terrorist attack.
From feeding the poor to building trust

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