Ye who cast stones in dark waters - seels ones destiny

Seeking the truth - What one fears most in life is to find that you may have exposed half-truths, stories bearing very little truth -at times - some may scream libel and yet others may scream slander when one is called out or one is confronted on an issue that has made it to print. 

A Journalist who publishes the truth is not committing libel nor committing slander - a Journalist of good of character will seek the truth and print what one believes to be a factual expression of what he or she sees. What media has failed to see is one's opinion is a mix of half-truths and propaganda - only serving their own self -interest.

The days of real honest Journalism has been plagued by a need to produce revenue - to keep the lights on - so to speak. Hence; the days of reporting the truth are limited. The fear of offending someone's beliefs is very real with large Media Outlets - Then again they are told what to print - in some cases - more or less what some call state-run media. It is extremely hard to ascertain the truth in many cases - there are those who get caught up in publishing first - then fact-find - [ It happened during the Boston Bombings - and countless others] - once one sees they have made a mistake they print a retraction. A retraction is only more proof of one's incompetence to find the truth.

We have also found that some are lacking experience about a subject - that can and will endanger one's life. Mistakes are made by many - but by calling one out on an issue that you strongly believe is pure incompetence is called a factual expression of one's beliefs - to call it as one see's it.

Therefore it is in one's best interest to think before pulling a Hollywood stunt - one would earn more respect for being honest in the first place - we do however understand the need  - that human nature to belong - to have your 15 mins of fame. Why one needs to sell their soul to Satan for a mere moment in time is beyond us.

We have found that Social Media has become a playground - where one will do anything to get like points - we wonder what Freud would think about Social Media?

We understand that one escape's the world - the day's troubles and hide's in a fantasy world - where one can become a King or Queen within their own realm - where one may fulfill their every desire. 

 We view this as an extremely dangerous trend. People become wrapped in their role - a manifestation starts to take place - they become weak - they become prey for those who seek revenge on others. Properly played - one can take advantage of a lost soul - and cause great harm to others. Words are powerful and properly used can wreak havoc on the world.     


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