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Environmental Project
Our core mission is saving the planet. This can be done : and it can create jobs across the Global Spectrum.Many people have had ideas over the years, some say there is no profit in the ideas. Well - there is and we are going to prove it. Protesting has not worked - its time for real change . .
We really can not stay on this path. There are many different ideologies that have presented problems in curing the worlds problems - we will address that issue as well. Maybe the prophets were right 1000's of years ago. Its hard to see that many have not learned from this. Nonetheless - we are moving forward in a last ditch effort to save humanity. As it should be - whether you believe in God or don't. Does not life mean anything to you as a person ? If you answered yes to life matters then join with us over the coming year to bring Global Solutions. There will be contact information on our Environmental Site after the first of the year.

            Now how do we get people involve in saving our planet.

We could put up  photos - hot chicks washing  cars - lets try that.

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We got it - We could be like ISIS- Putting Cute Kitty with a gun on our site - Lets try that. 

Well - We don't think the Hot Chicks will work

We could start a fake Russian Scandal - That might work Hmmm. .

Click on our site or the duck gets it !

                                                                                                                       Rising Waters 

                                    So you don't believe in Climate Change. Well - Houston we have a problem - the count down has started.

Welcome to Freedom News Network - The Home of where truth matters. { Oh crap- I see it now- some wing nut starting another worthless hastag } God help us. There are some real retarded people living on this planet. Maybe Steven Hawkins was right - time to leave the planet. Oh- I got a better Idea - lets build another worthless space shuttle - tell everyone that there is Gold and Oil on Mars. { Problem solved }  

                                   On the other hand- if we invent a new social media site- one just for smart people - we might get something done. Nothing worst then fake news - its like going to the damn grocery store - turn down the cereal  isle - do I buy a Box of Fruit Loops or a Box of Cracker Jacks- None of it is any good for you.  

                                   Moreover Social Media has done one thing- its going to create a lot of new jobs in the field of psychology - there all kinds of new terms for the mentally challenged - { now mentally challenged is a reference word for people in Government } So don't take offence to this - we understand Educated people - its just we are hard pressed to find any living in DC.

                                  Now that we managed to piss off the media - wannabee activist { Washed up actors } - and few Politian's who need adult supervision- maybe -just - maybe we can create a Network of people who really care- wait a minute- we already started. Link is below for our Environmental Site - which is Under Construction - THINK - ACT - Get Involved .  Now follow directions - click on the black bar below. { Its safe - its one of our websites }


                                                                               Ok - I got it - you know a bunch of us from National Gun Association are back in College to get Law Degrees. - I got extra credit - for wearing a peace shirt and writing a poem for Hispanic Heritage Month  -  even won 2nd place for my poem.

                                                                             Alright what do we have to do - I got it - I'll shave my legs - wear a pink dress - stand on a street corner and hold up a Hillary sign { Fine print that includes and not limited to a [ flipping huge } monetary gift to our cause- an extremely large one ! }

                                                                            Come on now - that's funny - I even got a better looking ass { for a guy } then Kathy Griffen - I'd make that dress look good.  { Its the real deal ! My Ass }

We even made the click bar black and white to match an ISIS flag

Freedom News Network

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50 and counting-

1/27/2020 Tulsi Gabbard Statement below half way down the page


Woodstock  50 years later - still dancing in the streets