50 and counting-

The Storm Of 2017.

When we say she had water - we weren't kidding

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Woodstock  50 years later - still dancing in the streets 

                                                                                           Rebuilding Dreams

Our paths - Cross roads - Covered bridges - Streams of crystal blue waters - For it is destiny - That brought us together.

                                      The Storm of 2017 was one of fury - the storms destroyed many lives. The storm also brought many people together - who never would of met. An odd sort of story - unless you knew the back ground of this odd encounter - or should I dare say it might be better left for another day - another story.

                                     However this might leave you scratching your head for a bit - those who know us - will catch on. I get a phone call asking if I can help a lady in Tutisville Florida - a stones throw up the road - give or take 20 miles - Her Studio she used to help trouble kids went under water. Her name - Maxine Trainer a British women - a women full of piss and vinegar - you really would have to meet her. And you really should

                                     Moving on - Her place went under water - due to the raw sewage in the water there was only so much I could do

[ Health Issues cancer ] Others stepped in to help clean up- the water had sat there for some time - no one with a large pump - So Maxine hung in there - still fighting to get help in 2018 with supplies - she needs art supplies for the kids - and a few other things - Maxine will reclaim and reuse just about anything and turn it into art.

                                    I know there are good people in the world - send her an Email she is 501 (c) (3) She really could use some help. Even if it was just a gift of $20.00 anything would help her help the children. Her Email is You can send her a Text Message at 321-652-6363 .