Story Posting Date 12 / 26 /2016
An interfaith BQ at the Islamic Mosque In Orlando Florida. The BQ was put together by the mosque in hope's of bringing some peace between people and some understanding.
A wide range of people showed up from the Orange Country Sheriffs department which included Chaplin's from the Sheriffs department
People took turns specking at the event, trying to bring understanding. It took the mosque few months to get people there.
No media showed, just a man who write's for a paper in India
I spent time specking with people there one on one about issue's.
One man had just returned from Saudi Arabia after making his pilgrimage ( Hajj ) and he said it was peaceful no one was killed because of large crowds, also stating it was nice as the Iranian's weren't allowed, in which there was less tension because of it.
The Imam had stated some thing of along the line's of what Old Abe said " I destroy my enemies by making them my friend". The Imam stated that he made friends by sharing a meal.
I had made the 35 min trip over many time's, and three days before the terror attack. We had many talks and I had attended the meals there a couple time's, very well made food and the up most respect was given to the guest's who came Jews , Chrsitians and other's.
We talk about terrorist issue's and bringing understanding. A hard thing to do in this day and age.
I was gifted the Noble ( Quran ) Koran ( which came from Saudi Arabia) by the Imam. I have learned some Arabic over the year's , trying to make sense of were mankind went wrong, and to understand more about the misguided people in the world.
More to come over the coming year. We feel strongly that thing's are going to get worst before they get better.
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