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You work hard for your money - Why buy products from a company that

doesn't care about anything but their profits. Quality control and craftsmen

ship are a thing of the past in our country. [United States] A company that

was founded back when in which the company took pride in their products

has gone to the way side - and you - most of you know this. Levis is a prime

example - their jeans use to be top notch - not any more. We buy and test

products for our Survival Site - when your in the outdoors you need products

to stand up and live up to the hype. Nothing worst then your pants ripping out

on the middle of a hike or in public in front of many people.  It's time to fight

back. Like we said -" You work hard for your money" and expect an item to hold

up for a fair amount of time. And on the flip side how are we to make our

country great again when products from other countries are made better -

don't like the truth to bad. Money does not grow on tree's and we are going to

buy products that last. Hence our product review page. Maybe corporations

will learn something here - when sales start to fall or grow that will set a path

for better goods and service.

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