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2017 , Jan , 28th
Senior MP: Iran, Pakistan, Russia, China could strengthen regional peace
The Iranian official, who was on a three-day visit to Islamabad, hinted at a news conference the formation of a four-nation alliance against the backdrop of regional and international developments.
The senior Iranian politician while emphasizing the need for ‘intra-Afghan dialogue’ insisted that no one should impose decision from outside.
He acknowledged both Pakistan and Iran could play important roles in helping Afghanistan dealing with the problem of militancy.
When asked whether Iran would join Saudi-led coalition formed last year, Boroujerdi said the Saudi initiative was only meant to kill innocent people in Yemen. “Therefore, no one would like to be part of such a coalition,” he said
The visiting Iranian leader stated that the two counties have also agreed to enhance the bilateral trade to $5 billion from the existing $ 1 billion, adding there is a lot of potential to increase the volume of the two-way trade between the brotherly countries.
He said Gwadar and Chabahar are sister ports and they will help boost bilateral trade between the two countries, adding the two sides have agreed to expand co-operation between the two ports so that these ports could be linked to Central Asia and China.
About the Iran-Pakistan Gas Pipeline project, he said that the project is on the top priority of the two countries, adding Iran has already completed installation of 70-km long pipeline till Pakistan's border.
He expressed hope that bilateral relations between Pakistan and Iran would be further enhanced, adding the two countries have extended support to each other during crisis situation and his visit will explore new avenues of co-operation between the two countries in various fields.
Boroujerdi said that the two countries have also agreed on a close co-operation in the field of anti-narcotics, including regular meetings of joint security and border committees as well as exchange of delegations.
To a question, he said that Iran can play a role in reducing tensions between Pakistan and India. However, the two countries need to agree on any such a role.

Turkish president, British PM discuss Syria, Iraq
( File Photo AA)
Turkey wants 'different approach' in its cooperation with US-led coalition forces in the region, Erdogan says
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Also The Following : Steps for Cyprus discussed
Erdogan also said he discussed the issue of Cyprus with May.
Three days of high-level talks in Geneva took place on Cyprus earlier this month under the auspices of guarantor countries Turkey, Greece and the U.K.
"We also discussed what kind of steps we could take for Cyprus," the president said.
May said the U.K. and Turkey were committed to play their parts "for an early settlement".
On Jan. 11, Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots exchanged maps on proposed territorial boundaries and the documents were sealed in a UN vault. Talks between two sides continue under UN auspices in Lefkosa.
The eastern Mediterranean island of Cyprus was divided into a Turkish Cypriot state in the north and a Greek Cypriot administration in the south after a 1974 military coup on the island was followed by the peace operation of Turkey as a guarantor power.
President Rouhani officially welcomes Swedish PM
Feb 11, 2017

World wide peace talks taking place.
We will be covering these stories over the coming year.
There has been a big move around the world toward bringing peace , and as far as we are concerned , it's a great step toward Global Stability.

Monday Jan. 23 2017 :Signing Ceremony
Of the agreement between the Government of the Republic Of Sudan And The Sudan Liberation Movement / Army Second Revolution Based On The Doha Document For Peace In Darfur
Tehran welcomes Chinese offer to mediate with Riyadh
Chinese FM this week offered assistance in mediating between the two regional rivals
By Ahmet Dursun ISTANBUL
Iran’s embassy in Beijing on Friday announced Tehran's readiness to hold talks with Saudi Arabia based on a Chinese offer to mediate between the two regional rivals, according to Iran’s official IRNA news agency.
The news agency reported that Tehran welcomed a mediation initiative proposed earlier this week by Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi with a view to promoting regional stability.
In a Wednesday press statement, Yang had voiced hope that Tehran and Riyadh would “resolve their differences on the basis of equality and friendly consultation”.
China, he added, “is a friend to both countries and is ready to play a mediating role”.
The Gulf States, led by Saudi Arabia, frequently accuse Iran of meddling in their domestic affairs -- claims denied by Tehran.
The Gulf States also say Tehran’s nuclear energy program poses a threat to regional security, although Tehran insists its nuclear program is entirely peaceful in nature.
Tensions mounted between the Gulf and Iran after Riyadh severed diplomatic ties with Tehran early last year.
The move came after two Saudi diplomatic missions in Iran were attacked by protesters following the execution of a prominent Shia cleric by the Saudi authorities.
Saudi Arabia and its Gulf allies also accuse Tehran of supporting the Shia Houthi militia group, which overran much of Yemen -- including capital Sanaa -- in 2014.
The ongoing conflict in Syria, meanwhile, in which the Gulf States and Iran support opposing sides, also contributed to the deterioration of Gulf-Iran ties in recent years.

2017 , Jan , 28th
Rouhani: Iran country of peace, friendship
Tehran, Jan 28, IRNA – The Islamic Republic of Iran is the country of peace and friendship, says President Hassan Rouhani.

“Iran is a country that has always helped promote regional and global peace and stability,” President Rouhani said on Saturday, addressing the 17th International Convention of the World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations (WFTGA).
“Iran as a nation in the region has felt deep inside the consequences of extremism, aggression and terrorism,” President Rouhani said.
“We stand by all the freedom-seeking nations that want to fight terrorism everywhere across the world,” he said.
“We are going to help all the oppressed people around the world with all in our capacity,” the Iranian President said.
“Had it not been for the help from the Islamic Republic extended to the Iraqi and Syrian people and armies, now the terrorists would have dominated Baghdad and Damascus,” Rouhani said.
Without the help from Iran, he said, instead of terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq, now there were terrorist governments ruling there, said the president.