Arcosanti Alternative Living
Arcosanti is an urban laboratory focused on innovative design, community, and environmental accountability. Our goal is to actively pursue lean alternatives to urban sprawl based on Paolo Soleri's theory of compact city design, Arcology (architecture + ecology). Built by over 7,000 volunteers since the commencement of the project in 1970, Arcosanti provides various mixed-use buildings and public spaces where people live, work, visit, and participate in educational and cultural programs." "
It's a fact that the digital age can be man kinds down fall in some respect.
We worked with FEMA and many other's. Matter of fact we had talks with a group of Government workers who came up to New York State After the big storm's. Their Idea was to put rain and water level messuring devices along the river. ( Educated fools ).
We asked them how they were going to get the word out, they said Time Warner ( TV ) , ( OK ) ( Wrong answer we all know when the power goes out their is no TV service.
You smart ones get the point on where that conversation went, and yes we were not nice to them on any level. They finaly saw our veiw points.
Fact we only have each other in time of need.
When and if the terror network figure's out how to shut thing's down we are screwed ( well most of you are and that's a fact )
Look at Storm Sandy just for example, no power - no fuel- no real help from the Government and thats a damn fact.
We will have new email address and communications up in the near future.
We highly recommend getting radio EQ. Form your groups ( Preppers ) and chip in for EQ.

Christiania Alternative Living
Christiania The famous Danish freetown Christiania was founded in 1971 when a group of hippies took over abandoned military barracks and their surrounding along the Christianshavn canals and developed the area to an alternative society with own set of rules, independent of the government. " "

Alternative Living
It's a life style that has worked for some over the years , just simple living. More will be on our off grid living page On our Survivalist Training Guide Website as well. "

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