Lets Not Forget What he did during Hurricane Sandy

Anti-Christian   Anti-Irish  Anti-Muslim  Anti-Black

​Constitutional Rapist: One who violates Constitutional and civil rights of the mass's

Occupy Movement Members some who belong to National Gun Association



Were There Helping - That's Their Truck -Photo Taken From Our Truck

                                 Our Truck Was Donated By Penske 

National Gun Association Was There Helping 

Michael Bloomberg 2020

Michael Bloomberg 2020 The Constitutional Rapist

Food - Clothing - Supplies Diapers Donated By People Up-State Collected At A Christian Church

Gutting Homes - Bringing Supplies From UpState New York

Freedom News Network

Flag Counter


Woodstock  50 years later - still dancing in the streets 


             There was a huge shortage of help due to the size of all the disasters that took place

in the North East - The Founder of National Gun Association went from Upstate New York To

NJ to help a family from Brazil gut their home!


50 and counting-

More To Come - He Left People in the cold pulled Generators 

Constitutional Rapist 

National Gun Association Members Went into the Black and Spanish areas to help

Bloomberg Left Our Veterans in the cold - That's a Damn FACT!  We Were There!