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12 / 10/ 2016
Islamberg Upstate New York
First hand news, a story we personally covered.
Islamberg : located on a rural road in Upstate New York.
Some people call it a Muslim terrorist training camp. Other's consider them part of radical Islam. We personally covered this story.
They have been trying to raise funds and get donations for their Mosque. They have not had much luck.
There has been fly overs of the land from what they have said at Islamberg , and complaints of gun fire by local people. This story on Islamberg is a work in process. And we should have it completed some time in 2017, and will add to it as we find time.
Their property is private, not many people can get inside Islamberg.There is usally a gate keeper there during certian times of the year and no trespassing sign's. And Cameras.We have been there many, many time's'. And we suggest for those who get kicks out of getting their photo taken up by the road where the sign is that reads Islamberg, should think twice before trying to enter their land.
This story came about years ago and and now is being brought out in the open. No fake news here, just honest hard cold fact's. Hard cold fact's that we personally chased down and not some new's feed story.
You know the stories everyone pass's on. We all get leads on stories from one sourse or another. Nothing wrong with getting leads as long as it is facts, that is how new's get's passed around the world.
With out it, and without people who care, we would all be stuck with propaganda new's which serve's no real purpose and that in it self will be covered later on.
More to come