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An Orthodox Priest Blesses Members of the Media

201503260004hq (03/26/2015) --- An Orthodox Priest blesses members of the media after he blessed the Soyuz rocket at the Baikonur Cosmodrome Launch pad on Thursday, Mar. 26, 2015 in Kazakhstan. NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly, and Russian Cosmonauts Mikhail Kornienko, and Gennady Padalka of the Russian Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos) are sched

Faith - Our Past - Our Present - Our Future 

                                                       Did you think long and hard about the mother Eagle.? - 100's of our followers did so on FB - years back. This went on for over 24 hours.- 90% had the right answer - or did they ? Well -we will let you all in on the experiment. The first part - people were getting out of hand ,- [ when Obama pulled his usually ^%*&^& about guns ]- so we placed the ad about  the mother Eagle - like we said -we let this go for 24 hours. 

                                             Here is the answer to the riddle - its simple logic- that Satan will use on you every chance he gets- I distracted you as well as those on FB- for 24 hours -100's of people were more interested in the Eagle then Obama's message.  Just like I did here. You followed the story with interest and some of you are still scratching your head.

                                             What was the original point of this story -  or - was there one ? On the other hand , did we teach how easy it is for you to become distracted . What was the deal about Moore And Jones ? One must reflect back to the teaching of the Bible. When one leads such as King Solomon had- { he knew he had a great responsibility }- he was loved by all and hated by many . Such was John The Baptist. You will be challenged  and tempted everyday, John lost his head because of jealous feelings and revenge.  We let a man decide what our group should think and do, this man was at his wits end and willing to back anyone at any cost. We let this play out on our website and those of you who know us- wondered - even questioned our thinking. Well it was for this very story. 

                                             As it was then- as it is now, one must reflect on the teaching of the Bible and have people who can guide you in the right direction. --Wisdom is a wonderful thing, use it wisely


                                                                                                                        Faith Politics Media

                                                        We pulled an interesting experiment during the last election. The experiment went very well, better then expected. We will have our results and comments very soon. We have revamped most of our websites : will so  for some time to come. We watched a host of news casts over the Moore / Jones Race.. We wanted to see who would stand by what they believed in- Did one hold true to their Faith- or - Did one side with a certain political party- or [ simply put]- Did one sell their soul to the media store.

                                                         Being a man of faith; One wonders from time to time ; Is there hope for humanity?  Can we save ourselves from failure ? Can we be a beacon of hope for others ? Do we live by the true meaning of God ? Or, Do we bow to the Devil when he calls upon us- testing our faith - dragging our inner souls into the  abyss ?  

                                                         Does one find there is a need to belong. Sure, its human nature- Satan has survived 1000's of years- just on this need alone. Tempting ones soul at every turn.  God created women so that man would not be alone. Many men have tired to give their life to God- most failed in this leap of faith- very few make it up the ladder. There are those who slip and fall- sake off the dust, and find once again trying to ascend to greater heights. You ask - will this story come to a point -or-end at any time. soon ? Most likely not. In politics one learns how to control their base. Leading the sheep from pasture to pasture - one understands- your needs and desires and your lust for riches.

                                                        Those who can reflect on their Bible readings will understand the warning over lust and other riches- Did not man fear Christ -, Did Christ not anger in the Temple, flipping tables- Did not Moses leave for some time -before returning. The temptations are real and great. You will be tested on a daily basis in life -, From the time you wake  -Til the time you lay - You will be tested in rest and in peace. Gods work is never done, neither is Satan's .

                                                         [ Our websites are added to weekly. Currently there are 7 sites running and we deal with life's issues like many of you.- So as time permits ]

                                                        Your still wondering about that experiment that we pulled on everyone - we will get to it soon enough. An experiment we pulled on FB long ago [ about 5 years ago } went like this.  What does a mother Eagle do when she can no longer feed her clutch of babies ? Think about it ? Come up with a solid answer- back up your answer.  Our answer is below.