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1/27/2020 Tulsi Gabbard Statement below half way down the page


Woodstock  50 years later - still dancing in the streets 

Louis-Frédéric Schutzenberger's The Exodus (1872), depicting Alsatians leaving newly annexed Alsace for France.

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Where might one be from? Germany, France, or maybe an area that was taken over many years ago. Open your eyes travel and learn. Links are coming.

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Alsace - Lorraine

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Grave markers and family will give you a good jump start, we can not help everyone in finding information - but, we will give it our best shot. At best, you will learn things you never knew. It's a good day when you learn something new, expand your mind. History is vast and complex and there are those who write history with their own agenda in mind. We assure you, that you will scratch your head at times. The Truth and History does matter. Godspeed.

Does your family have a Coat Of Arms? Did your family fight in the Crusades? We will help you find answers - real answers. Those DNA tests are a waste of money. Empires rose and fell over the years. 

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              You can explore our world with little or no money - learn to translate and make new friends around

the world. Keeping in mind this is being done for people of all faith and race. The truth is what matters.

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