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Woodstock  50 years later - still dancing in the streets 

Oil spill after terrorist attack in Africa
Global Unity Save the Planet Project
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We can do much if each be content to do his share. and if our United efforts are directed by wise counsels to a common purpose.
Story On National Geographic. India Plants 50 million tree's
More than 800,000 volunteers pitched in to help the country fight climate change.
Stopping The Dust Problems In Khuzestan
Visiting soil stabilisation programme and desert greening in Khuzestan
Department of Enviroment Iran
April 2017
Massoumen Ebtekar NDFI
National Devoplment fund of Iran has put forth $100 Million to Revive the wetlands.
Efforts being put forth by other countries to end the dust issues in the middle.
Reforest Lebanon
Two tree-nurserires are planned to be established in the north and in the south of Lebanon. These nurseries should provide us with sufficient trees for our reforestation campaigns throughout the country. Cedars, Pine, Cypress and other Firs are the main focus of these nurseries.
Reality Check
Go ahead and sit in your damn golf carts and think the world will keep spinning.
Thank God there are people who care in the world. Those who live in their high rise buildings, "the concrete jungle" are clueless to reality and forget their food and everything they have comes from the environment , when that is gone what are you going to have, we are already at the Beginning of Critical mass . If you can't see it your blind.
Setting land aside is a noble jester, what the hell good is it if you destroy everything around it, a few million parcels of land is not going to feed or cloth people and every thing your destroying around it, it will itself destroy the land set aside. Brilliant, educated fool's. Everything thing is connected in the circle of life.
More to come. ! Maybe !
7/9/2017 Environmental is on our new site Link Black Bar Environmental Project
Cattle grazing in southwestern Colombia. This combination of nutritious grasses and trees, known as silvopastoralism, can increase farm production and aid the environment.
Courtesy of Neil Palmer/CIAT