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Woodstock  50 years later - still dancing in the streets 


There are people in jail because of a broken system - People say they want to fix things - Words are cheap - Action gets results - Simple education - Reform and a real chance at a job when they get out. Making a difference by a simple donation of a book to the County Jail or State or Federal System - books on learning - simple math - reading material National Geographic - Louis L'amour Ect..... Call your local Sheriffs and ask how to make a donation. It will help - Bibles also needed - large print [ Books can not be hard cover - paperback only ] Breaking the cycle ! We have solutions - like we said - Words are cheap - Action gets results. Think -Act- Get Involved 

Education Can Change Our World

Breaking the cycle that plagues mankind - saving our children from being thrown in to a world filled with darkness - an under world that consumes the very soul of an innocent  child. Our series through the looking glass will address what most will never talk about..

                                    By seeing our children get an Education - we will be able to change the future. As it stands our country is being run by what we call the Geriatric Generation - in order to change the direction of this country - one needs to teach the truth. We have a pretty firm belief on this issue - many of our members on our other websites are back in school - including Law School. 

                                    You give a man a hammer - he will scratch his head - teach a man to use that hammer - he will build his future. 

                                    We have had it with the Mass Media Circus - that will change in time - the truth helps heal wounds and bridge gaps. Stay with us - we are grass roots as they like to call it - when in fact - we are completely Independent. Open your mind - open your eyes - seek the truth - teach the truth . 

Broken System.


Making A difference

What is Green Dot ?

What Green Dot is a bystander intervention initiative that recognizes that most people care about the high prevalence of power based personal violence but don't have the tools to know how to be part of the solution. Green Dot seeks to change the culture by activating people that may not have been directly impacted by power based personal violence. We recognize that power based personal violence prevention is everyone's responsibility.
Green uses the concept of displacing Red Dots (potential/real acts of violence) with Green Dots (actions taken to eliminate/ prevent Red Dots). Actions could be reactive or proactive. Reactive Green Dots are in the moment and immendiately responding to a Red Dot. A proactive Green Dot are actions we take to let others know we do not tolerate violence in our UCF community.