Woodstock  50 years later - still dancing in the streets 

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Will your medical bills be covered, the roof on your house, your car- you all better start thinking who is going to be liable - For Deaths - Damage and so. A major company can get away with murder that is a fact - even go bankrupt 

Amazing how we have offered help on all our sites - but no, our Government would rather screw us over. We are still waiting on Pardons, why we bother to help is beyond us. This photo was taken off a Terrorist website in 2013. Fact, we even posted that on social media. We warned Technology would be mankind's downfall, people will be hurt - people will be killed - it's been going on, it's a fact it will only get worst.

Wait till a Drone quits - drops a package on your car - maybe - even your mother-in-laws head. 

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Drones Can't Make Honey?

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   Drugs - Bombs - Bio Warfare - Terrorism - Assassinations!

                The List Is Endless and we will cover it all.

​Technology Can Also Help Reverse The Damage We Caused - Yes, We caused to the Environment  

We have been reporting on the little terror guys since 2013! FACT

China Used Drones To Pollinate Trees

     Due To Bee Population Issues

We put warnings and concerns in 2013 - its in News Print about our concerns no one heeded the warnings


50 and counting-

We will cover the past - present - the future and the dangers to [Wildlife Birds]

Drone Wars -  Pandora's Box Has Been Opened