* Artist

* NASA patch Design

* Standard Plain Paper

​*Tracing Paper - Yes Tracing Paper

* Number 2 Pencil [ For Now Any Will Do.]

                          Pencil drawings are a great way to break into the art world. Jumping into computer graphics is fine as the future comes into play. At the end of the day, your skills will suffer. The cartoon drawing below was a quick 15min drawing that will progress into a cartoon character - its a doodle - a concept. Most people can not afford high tech programs - and in reality, schools need to teach freehand drawings. Some schools have no programs. Catholic schools use to be one of. Art is an important part of life. In time we will teach you things that will help you grow into an artist. Don't let anyone tell you that you can't draw. It's called Practice.   

* Disney 

* We will start out with Winnie The Poo you will need something you can trace. Library, you can print off The Poo for 10 cents most places.

Doodle Art

Go to Google Search Type In Gif File Under search will show you options pick the one showing photos. When the search comes up - delete the word Gif File and type in Winnie The Poo Outline

Drawing Promotes

* Pencil Sharpener And Eraser

Today's Date is 1/5/2019 We will ad to this every weekend.

* Hallmark

* Attention Span

* Mental Focus

​* Attention To Details 

* Music

* Physiological Benefits        Are Enormous

* Science & Engineering

* Tattoo Design

Line Work is the most important thing to learn at this point the rest we will show you in time.

                                                    Practice - Practice - Practice. 

* Toys Lego Ect..

Future Jobs

Freedom News Network

Flag Counter


Woodstock  50 years later - still dancing in the streets 

* You can print out Poo in different sizes if you like. Take your tracing paper and copy the lines over and over. Practice - Practice - Practice.

Trust me I understand the issues. You only need some simple items. We will tell you what we like best. Remember your just starting out. We will start with the following. 


50 and counting-