The issue remains a deeply rooted one that lives within our children. A child that has become lost - having no direction and no guidance will become scared and angry. Hence- lashing out against everything that is viewed to be a threat. Our children cry out in many different ways and we as a society turn a blind eye to these children.

Do you want to prevent violence in the world? - First and foremost one must understand the issues that are right in front of us. People say they believe in God - They read the Bible- Go to church every Sunday - yet will walk right by a child wearing tattered clothes and worn out shoes. Have you ever stopped to think what that child's life is like? Most likely not - so you might feel bad - throw a few dollars in a donation jar to make yourself feel better - but did that money actually go to solving the issue - again - most likely not.

Getting to the root cause of what makes a child go over the edge is going to take hard work. Furthermore, it's going to take personal sacrifices in one's life to help save humanity from the hell that is living inside them. 

Our country is multi-cultural and interfaith groups bridge gaps in the community. This is not covered by Mass Media for many reasons - we will cover the efforts that no-one talks about - remember the kids getting in trouble are from many different backgrounds and cultures.  Hence,  a United Effort is what it's going to take to solve the violence that takes place in the world - the killing needs to stop - Let's work together


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