The Insurance Lobby: Our Sources have explained that AllState And State Farm tired to changed things in the State Of Florida. We are working on this story and will publish the rest in due time.

We have spoken with a few Law Firms here in the State of Florida about the Cut Rate Coverage that is allowed to be sold.

We will cover who owns what and what and who really owns these cut-rate Companies.


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Cut Rate Insurance In Florida

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1/11/2019 We are working with a few Law Firms On this issue. And who has their hands in the

cookie Jar so to speak. We are putting a Legal Team Together and Looking into other issues.

This has now become a personal fight for us. We don't back down on issues, it might not be

today, tomorrow maybe even a couple years out - however long it takes we are going to take


1/11/2019 We have been informed that Lawyers here in Florida are attempting to once again get

this changed in 2019 - while we support their concerted efforts on this matter - we ourselves are

moving forward on this as well. We don't have time to waste nor are we taking a back seat on

this matter. See our Legal Action Page.