Candy Art - Make At Home In Your Kitchen - Cool Colors

              Water Colors from Candy - The above artwork was a rush job to jump an art show for a Hispanic month - it was and is made with high- grade paper graphite - all the colors are from candy - yes candy- pretty cool.

             There is a long story behind the use of Candy in Art most have no clue in the Art world. This was done by the founder of this site. In respect we are - our own worst critics - but the concept is very cool and helps those with little means to create Art right in there a kitchen with little effort. 

Selling Your Work 

It takes effort and finding all kinds of craft shows and so on to sell your work, I personally never wanted to sell my work, I have given it way over the years. It all started with restorations.[ Story Coming ] The women who bought the picture she is holding, taught art in NYC and said I should go there. No time - things to do. Moving on, point is if you work at your art- someone will buy it and one day you might just become famous. Follow your dreams - 

Water Colors From Candy

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