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" Art Defines Our World - Culture Defines Our Soul​"- NGA

Students from China, U.S. take part in culture exchange event in New York

The world peace diet - a look at different life styles through the arts. Open your eyes - see the world through the eyes of others.


Live Free

                                                                   Welcome to our Arts And Culture Section with in our Freedom News Site

  As we explore the world we live in - we will bring you Art And Culture Stories  from around the world - from the beginning - to the very end.

​A broad expanded view in to the hidden world of Antiquities.  A vast wealth of history that will transform your life into another world - a world spiraling out of control - a world cloaked in mystery. 

​Arts & Culture 

                 "Live free my friends - Even if its in your own mind" -

Art Work By - Brent Schreiber - Buy a print on link below

The World Peace Diet