We visited Lindas Shop in the Village Of Cocoa Florida Located in the Old Masonic Building

Thank you for our Freedom - Veterans Museum Meritt Island Florida


Local Artist - Cocoa Florida

Linda Teaches Art - Loves kids - Loves our Veterans and paints flags for them. The sad part of this story she sent a painting to Fox News - they never responded. The Eagle drawing we bought from Linda to support her business [ National Gun Association } and we are donating it to the Rolling Thunder Chapter on Meritt Island Flordia - which is located at the Veterans Musem - Fox News should be ashamed of themselves for not responding on any level - Linda has the heart of an Angel and we need people like her in this world - Personally we have had it with Mass Media On All Levels - Enough Said !

Artist For Veterans

Freedom News Network

Flag Counter


50 and counting-


Woodstock  50 years later - still dancing in the streets