*Pensacola Military Base Shooting-History Repeats itself!

April 2017
UAE Looking into buying Russian Helicopters

DEMOCRAT"S : Funded The Syrian Op with your tax dollars fact

Coming Soon
The Founding of The American Colonies
And The Surviving Families Who Fight For Freedom And The Constitution Along With Our God Given Rights : To This Very Day
The Founder of NGA is putting up his family history and other families who fought, shed blood and died for Freedom And The Constitution Of The United States.
This will be on this site our NGA Site And Our Constitutionalist Political Party Site

Winter Family Fun In Iran

A Washington Post Journalist - Washington Does Nothing! 

President addressing International Congress Commemorating Martyr's Day:
Weapons necessary but what enemies fear more than missiles is faith, resolve/Families of martyrs, war veterans a source of pride for us/Helping God's religion our duty, guarantee for victory/No weapon more powerful than people's faith, unity
There is no weapon more powerful than people's faith and unity, said President Rouhani addressing International Congress Commemorating Martyr's Day, adding: "Weapons are definitely necessary but what enemies fear more than missiles is our people's faith and resolve".
news id: 98173 - Wed 08 - March 2017 - 12:44
Speaking at the congress, which was held in Mashhad on Wednesday, Dr Rouhani continued: "Weapons are definitely necessary but what enemies fear more than missiles is our people's faith and resolve".
There is no weapon more powerful than people's faith and unity, he continued, adding: "The 11th government has built strategic weapons more than the period of last ten years, and it will continue to do so".
Addressing "Dear youths and honourable Iranians", he said: "Today's war is not the war of weapons, it is the war of resolve".
"Wars never end. Speaking about peace means putting a temporary end to military combat. Conflicts in other stages are still standing and the economic war in the world will never end," he continued.
Dr Rouhani also said: "Recently, the first words of the man who has assumed US presidency is about a new economic war with their allies".
Stating that cultural war will never end, he said: "There is no weapon more powerful than people's faith and unity".
"In the economic fields, if one says we are not able to resolve economic issues and provide for people's lives and other needs, and if we doubt our victory in the economic field, we will definitely be defeated," he continued.
The President also said: "In today's world where all oil-producing countries are forced to resort to their past reserves and we witnessed their currency are devalued, it was only the Islamic Republic of Iran that increased economic growth, decreased inflation and preserved the values of its currency".
Some ask the question of whether all sanctions have been lifted, he said, "Of course they have not. We have only been able to lift sanctions and obstacles in the nuclear sector, provided that the other side lives up to its commitments with fairness and honesty".
"We still have obstacles on our ways and here comes the question that why people are not being told the realities," he continued.
Dr Rouhani also said: "Any country confronted the armed-to-the-teeth Zionist Regime failed, but faithful, Muslim and sincere youths could stand against the oppressor, usurper, and child-killing regime for 33 days and win the fight".
"The Americans and Europeans were relying on the Zionist Regime and they thought that the regime's power is undefeatable and that they ca use it to occupy any country but in the July War, the seeming grandeur was shattered and with Hezbollah's victory, the enemy's determination was undermined and Hezbollah could win the war of determination," he continued.
The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran also said: "Our youths achieved victory in the eight-year Sacred Defence by resolve, just like Lebanon's Hezbollah achieved victory over the Zionist Regime in the war of resolve".
"The day when terrorists advanced to the walls of Baghdad and Mosul fell, it was the war of resolve. The enemies had incited the terrorists that they could win and the people of Iraq were intimidated that they were not able to stand against savage terrorists and their brutalities, but today with God's attention, the people of Iraq won the war of resolve; do not doubt that they will clear the entire Iraq from the terrorists," Dr Rouhani also said.
He continued: "If weapons brought superiority, the people of Yemen would have been defeated years ago by the aggressors".
"The martyrs of the path of the right, from the beginning of Islam until the Sacred Defence and combatting terrorists, are all together and remembered in the history," Rouhani continued, adding: "We will be invincible until people consider martyrdom an honour and immortality".
Whenever we take steps in the path of Him, we will definitely be victorious, the president said, "Helping the religion of God is our duty and the guarantee for our victory".
The government is proud of helping decrease the problems of the families of martyrs; of course, martyrs' self-sacrifice can never be compensated, said the President. He continued: "The families of martyrs, war veterans and wounded veterans are a source of pride for us. Every day is Martyr's Day and respecting the families of martyrs".

The Battle For Jerusalem

According to IRNA
The Press Conference for Hunger Strike with Dignity , went as follows : Walid Abu Ali urges the muslim world to create a media tool which can counter the Israel pressure. .
Palestinians are suffering , but if Ummah is United , pretty much problem solved. Along with comments as to why Al-Qaeda or Daesh or the Taliban don't act toward Israel who is killing Muslims, futher asking PK Media to help.
As we all know they want Jerusalem for their captial. More on this story and struggle for the Holy City coming in the near future, we are just posting what is taking place as we get our stories together ( still building our site )
You can read the whole story on IRNA

National Coalition of Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces


Director, New York Office

iam Jalabi was born in Damascus, Syria and raised in the Golan Heights. She currently serves as Director for the National Coalition of Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces’ Representative Office to the United Nations. She holds degrees in Political Science from McGill University in Montreal and Fashion Design from FIT in New York. One of the founding members of Syrian Non-violence Movement (SNVM), Ms. Jalabi has organized events and rallies in support of the Syrian revolution in NYC and Montreal. She also participated in the formation of the Syrian National Council (SNC). Ms. Jalabi owns a brand building and retail consulting business based in New York City.


Chief of Staff

Khalil is the Chief of Staff for the National Coalition of Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces’ Representative Office in Washington, DC. A Syrian attorney and businessman, Mr. Khalil has a degree in Law and Business Administration from the Beirut Arabic University. He was active in the Day After Project, a cooperative movement by members of the Syrian opposition to outline a plan to rebuild the country and end the Syrian conflict once Bashar al-Assad is ousted from power. Mr. Khalil was elected and served on the Boards of the Syrian Expatriates Organization and the Syrian Support Group. He recently participated in the “We Are All Syrians” Conference in Cairo.


Legal Director

BasselKorkor is a Syrian American attorney and serves as US Counsel to the Syrian Coalition's Washington and United Nations offices. He advises the Coalition on various legal and policy issues, including sanctions compliance, economic development, and diplomatic matters. Mr. Korkor has been advising Syrian opposition groups, businesses, and humanitarian aid organizations throughout the course of the revolution. He is a partner at ZKT Law in Washington, DC and previously practiced in the National Security and Political Law group at Arnold & Porter and Corporate Litigation at Jones Day. He majored in International Studies with a focus on Middle East at Northwestern University, and he studied Law and Arabic at The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law, where he served as an editor on the law review and graduated cum laude.


Special Representative to the United States and United Nations

Dr. Najib Ghadbian is the Special Representative to the United States for the National Coalition of Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces. Dr. Ghadbian is a Syrian pro-democracy activist and academic. He served on the Board of the Day After Project, a cooperative movement by members of the Syrian opposition to outline a plan to rebuild the country and end the Syrian conflict once Bashar al-Assad is ousted from power. An Associate Professor of Political Science and Middle East Studies at the University of Arkansas, he is the author of Democratization and the Islamists Challenge in the Arab World (English 1997 & Arabic 2002). His second Arabic book, The Second Assad Regime: Bashar of Lost Opportunities was published in 2006. He has contributed political commentaries to several US, European, and Middle East media outlets. Dr. Ghadbian’s research interests include democratization and leadership in the Arab world, Syrian politics, and US-Mideast relations. He serves as a Board member of the Syrian Center for Political and Strategic Studies, and is a founding member of the Democratic Network in the Arab World. Dr. Ghadbian is a signatory to the Damascus Declaration (2005), and was a founding member of the Syrian National Council (SNC).

Action Group for Syria

Final Communiqué


1. On 30 June 2012, the Secretaries-General of the United Nations and the League of Arab States, the Foreign Ministers of China, France, Russia, United Kingdom, United States, Turkey, Iraq (Chair of the Summit of the League of Arab States), Kuwait (Chair of the Council of Foreign Ministers of the League of Arab States) and Qatar (Chair of the Arab Follow-up Committee on Syria of the League of Arab States), and the European Union High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy met at the United Nations Office at Geneva as the Action Group for Syria, chaired by the Joint Special Envoy of the United Nations and the League of Arab States for Syria.

2. Action Group members came together out of grave alarm at the situation in Syria. They strongly condemn the continued and escalating killing, destruction and human rights abuses. They are deeply concerned at the failure to protect civilians, the intensification of the violence, the potential for even deeper conflict in the country, and the regional dimensions of the problem. The unacceptable nature and magnitude of the crisis demands a common position and joint international action.

3. Action Group members are committed to the sovereignty, independence, national unity and territorial integrity of Syria. They are determined to work urgently and intensively to bring about an end to the violence and human rights abuses and the launch of a Syrian-led political process leading to a transition that meets the legitimate aspirations of the Syrian people and enables them independently and democratically to determine their own future.

4. To secure these common objectives, the Action Group members (i) identified steps and measures by the parties to secure full implementation of the six-point plan and Security Council resolutions 2042 and 2043, including an immediate cessation of violence in all its forms; (ii) agreed on guidelines and principles for a political transition that meets the legitimate aspirations of the Syrian people; and (iii) agreed on actions they would take to implement the above in support of the Joint Special Envoy’s efforts to facilitate a Syrian-led political process. They are convinced that this can encourage and support progress on the ground and will help to facilitate and support a Syrian-led transition.

Identified steps and measures by the parties to secure full implementation of the six-point plan and Security Council resolutions 2042 and 2043, including an immediate cessation of violence in all its forms

5. The parties must fully implement the six-point plan and Security Council resolutions 2042 and 2043. To this end:

o All parties must re-commit to a sustained cessation of armed violence in all its forms and implementation of the six-point plan immediately and without waiting for the actions of others. The government and armed opposition groups must cooperate with UNSMIS with a view to furthering the implementation of the above in accordance with its mandate.

o A cessation of armed violence must be sustained with immediate, credible and visible actions by the Government of Syria to implement the other items of the six-point plan including: ◾Intensification of the pace and scale of release of arbitrarily detained persons, including especially vulnerable categories of persons, and persons involved in peaceful political activities; provision without delay through appropriate channels of a list of all places in which such persons are being detained; the immediate organization of access to such locations; and the provision through appropriate channels of prompt responses to all written requests for information, access or release regarding such persons; ◾Ensuring freedom of movement throughout the country for journalists and a non-discriminatory visa policy for them; ◾Respecting freedom of association and the right to demonstrate peacefully as legally guaranteed.

o In all circumstances, all parties must show full respect for UNSMIS’ safety and security and fully cooperate with and facilitate the Mission in all respects.

o In all circumstances, the Government must allow immediate and full humanitarian access to humanitarian organizations to all areas affected by the fighting. The Government and all parties must enable the evacuation of the wounded, and all civilians who wish to leave to do so. All parties must fully adhere to their obligations under international law, including in relation to the protection of civilians.

Agreed Principles and Guide-lines for a Syrian-led transition

6. Action Group members agreed on the following ‘Principles and Guide-lines on a Syrian-led transition’:

Any political settlement must deliver to the people of Syria a transition that:

◾Offers a perspective for the future that can be shared by all in Syria;

◾Establishes clear steps according to a firm time-table towards the realization of that perspective;

◾Can be implemented in a climate of safety for all, stability and calm;

◾Is reached rapidly without further bloodshed and violence and is credible.

I. Perspective for the Future

The aspirations of the people of Syria have been clearly expressed by the wide range of Syrians consulted. There is an overwhelming wish for a state that: ◾Is genuinely democratic and pluralistic, giving space to established and newly emerging political actors to compete fairly and equally in elections. This also means that the commitment to multi-party democracy must be a lasting one, going beyond an initial round of elections. ◾Complies with international standards on human rights, the independence of the judiciary, accountability of those in government and the rule of law. It is not enough just to enunciate such a commitment. There must be mechanisms available to the people to ensure that these commitments are kept by those in authority. ◾Offers equal opportunities and chances for all. There is no room for sectarianism or discrimination on ethnic, religious, linguistic or any other grounds. Numerically smaller communities must be assured that their rights will be respected.

II. Clear Steps in the Transition The conflict in Syria will only end when all sides are assured that there is a peaceful way towards a common future for all in Syria. It is therefore essential that any settlement provides for clear and irreversible steps in the transition according to a fixed time frame. The key steps in any transition include: ◾The establishment of a transitional governing body which can establish a neutral environment in which the transition can take place. That means that the transitional governing body would exercise full executive powers. It could include members of the present government and the opposition and other groups and shall be formed on the basis of mutual consent. ◾It is for the Syrian people to determine the future of the country. All groups and segments of society in Syria must be enabled to participate in a National Dialogue process. That process must not only be inclusive, it must also be meaningful—that is to say, its key outcomes must be implemented. ◾On this basis, there can be a review of the constitutional order and the legal system. The result of constitutional drafting would be subject to popular approval. ◾Once the new constitutional order is established, it is necessary to prepare for and conduct free and fair multi-party elections for the new institutions and offices that have been established. ◾Women must be fully represented in all aspects of the transition.

III. Safety, stability and calm

Any transition involves change. However, it is essential to ensure that the transition can be implemented in a way that assures the safety of all in an atmosphere of stability and calm. This requires: ◾Consolidation of full calm and stability. All parties must cooperate with the transitional governing body in ensuring the permanent cessation of violence. This includes completion of withdrawals and addressing the issue of the disarming, demobilization and reintegration of armed groups. ◾Effective steps to ensure that vulnerable groups are protected and immediate action is taken to address humanitarian issues in areas of need. It is also necessary to ensure that the release of the detained is completed rapidly. ◾Continuity of governmental institutions and qualified staff. The public services must be preserved or restored. This includes the military forces and security services. However, all governmental institutions, including the intelligence services, have to perform according to human rights and professional standards and operate under a top leadership that inspires public confidence, under the control of the transitional governing body. ◾Commitment to Accountability and National Reconciliation.

Accountability for acts committed during the present conflict must be addressed. There also needs to be a comprehensive package for transitional justice, including compensation or rehabilitation for victims of the present conflict, steps towards national reconciliation and forgiveness.

IV. Rapid steps to come to a Credible Political Agreement

It is for the people of Syria to come to a political agreement, but time is running out. It is clear that: ◾The sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity of Syria must be respected. ◾The conflict must be resolved through peaceful dialogue and negotiation alone. Conditions conducive to a political settlement must now be put in place. ◾There must be an end to bloodshed. All parties must re-commit themselves credibly to the six-point plan. This must include a cessation of armed violence in all its forms and immediate, credible and visible actions to implement items 2-6 of the six-point plan. ◾All parties must now engage genuinely with the Joint Special Envoy. ◾The parties must be prepared to put forward effective interlocutors to work expeditiously towards a Syrian-led settlement that meets the legitimate aspirations of the people. The process must be fully inclusive to ensure that the views of all segments of Syrian society are heard in shaping the political settlement for the transition.

The organized international community, including the members of the Action Group stands ready to offer significant support for the implementation of an agreement reached by the parties. This may include an international assistance presence under a United Nations Mandate if requested. Significant funds will be available to support reconstruction and rehabilitation.

Agreed actions Group members will take to implement the above in support of the Joint Special Envoy’s efforts to facilitate a Syrian-led political process

7. Action Group members will engage as appropriate, and apply joint and sustained pressure on, the parties in Syria to take the steps and measures outlined in paragraph 5.

8. Action Group members are opposed to any further militarization of the conflict.

9. Action Group members underscore to the Government of Syria the importance of the appointment of an effective empowered interlocutor, when requested by the Joint Special Envoy to do so, to work on the basis of the six-point plan and this communiqué.

10. Action Group members urge the opposition to increase cohesion and be in a position to ensure effective representative interlocutors to work on the basis of the six-point plan and this communiqué.

11. Action Group members will give full support to the Joint Special Envoy and his team as they immediately engage the Government and opposition, and consult widely with Syrian society, as well as other international actors, to further develop the way forward.

12. Action Group members would welcome the Joint Special Envoy’s further convening of a meeting of the Action Group should he deem it necessary to review the concrete progress taken on all points agreed in this communiqué, and to determine what further and additional steps and actions are needed from the Action Group to address the crisis. The Joint Special Envoy will also keep the United Nations and the League of Arab States informed.

Doomsday Seed Vault Or Global Seed Vault

The photos you can find with a simple google search.
Point of this post is that it was put together ( Doomsday Vault ) in case of man made or natural disaster.
So you think Survivalist have gotten a bad rap on thing's , we don't think so, with all those Educated fuddy duddies funding and building projects like this one.
One makes themselves wonder ? Do people know things I do not know? Well yep.
Most people are complacent , never thinking it can happen to them.
Well it does and can and can be prevented by paying attention to thing's around you.
The old saying "SHTF - When the Shit Hits The Fan ", you will wish you listended to many of the websites out there. As your being warned about Climate change and terrorism and all the other crap going on, we ourselves have already put a game plan into survival. We have lived through things like many of you.
You can simply listen and learn or hide under the bed and wait for the Government to come help. And we all know how that goes, it's churches rescue groups like ours and others who are first on ground helping.
Remember The Old Civil Defence groups back when.
Point get your head out of your butt ! And learn something.
Terrorism is on the rise and alot of good that MOAB's did when it was dropped on the terrorist, they just went right back to blowing thing's up, TV News And So On .That's fact We put this on our Survivalist Training Guide Site.

                           Fact Sarah Brady Bought Her Own Kid

A High Powered Rifle Without A Back Ground Check! All Truth Facts!

Bill Ayer's has made a return to the center stage of politic's.
Learn more about the Weather Under Ground, and the bombing's that took place in the 70's..
2/20/2020 We put up warnings that this Coronavirus { Named COVID-19} would spread and it is and we also stated if this mutates - the world is in deep shit - Cases confirmed in Iran as well {Two fatal cases have already been confirmed in Qom, 140 km south of Tehran.} We cover things on many of our sites including the Brits warning of A possible superbug. Warnings Put up for Africa VISIT CDC website !


Watch the Vid! We are at a breaking point!

Iranian  Women's Motor-cross 

         Biden's Family !

Get's away with hitting a cop in NY- Rich white                        people!

Gitmo terrorist awarded Millions by Canada You Know the Ones that Obama Endorsed Interference in another countries Election To cover his own ASS

Flag Counter

The Unfaithful City : How the faithful city has become a whore, she who was full of justice! Righteousness lodged in her, but now murderers. Your silver has become dross, your best wine mixed with water. Your princes are rebels and companions of thieves. Everyone loves a bribe and runs after gifts. They do not bring justice to the fatherless, and the widow’s cause does not come to them.
Iranian President, Kuwaiti Emir meet in Kuwait City
Kuwait City – IRNA – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and the Kuwaiti Emir Sheikh Sabah Ahmad Jaber al-Sabah met here on Wednesday evening on Feb 15, 2017. *3*


Wanted by the FBI On Terrorism Charges Ahlam al-Tamimi
Jordan refuses to extradite suspected terrorist to the United States who is on the FBI most wanted list. Ahlam al-Tamimi
Story on AJ ( Al Jazeera )
Ahlam al-Tamimi: Jordan refuses to extradite her to US.
Click on red bar.
3/26/2016 A note from Freedom News Net Work. The Following is just part of our story and reseach on Islamic Fighter's

To the men of lofty ambitions and unconquerable spirit…
To those whose hearts glow with the truth of Tawheed…
To the bearers of the standard and banner of Tawheed…
To the suppressed fathers and oppressed mothers…
To the innocent Muslims lingering in the prisons of the kuffar..
TO the millions of Muslims in East Africa and beyond

O Allah, the Revealer of the Book, the Maker of the clouds, the Vanquisher of the parties, Who vanquished the Crusaders and their apostate allies.
O Allah, make them and their equipment booty for the Muslims.
O Allah, annihilate them and make them tremble.
O Allah, You are our Helper, and You are our Protector. O Allah, we attack with You, we move about with You, and we fight with You. And Allah is the Greatest.
{But honour belongs to Allah and His Messenger, and to the Believers; but the Hypocrites know not.}
Al-Kata’ib Foundation for Media Production
The Shabaab al-Mujahideen Movement
Cattle grazing in southwestern Colombia. This combination of nutritious grasses and trees, known as silvopastoralism, can increase farm production and aid the environment.
Courtesy of Neil Palmer/CIAT

Democrat - Hmm - Moral ? Ok - We believe that 

Business ads that are Faith Based are Free to place on our websites
Holy Bible Military Edition
If your a God fearing man Or women, buy one and put it in your bug out bag.
You can buy them on line.
This NIV Holy Bible, Military Edition is the perfect gift for any military personnel serving in the Air Force, Coast Guard, or Navy. This portable and compact Bible includes the full text of the New International Version and is easy to pack along with other necessary supplies.
ISIL commander Omar the Chechen confirmed dead
Huge Story On Omar Coming Shorthly For Now You Can See What AJ has Posted on there site.
After days of speculation, feared ISIL military commander confirmed dead after being wounded in US air strikes.
16 Mar 2016 15:09 GMT | ISIS, Syria, War & Conflict, Iraq, Middle East
More to this story

 International Law -Civil Rights - Constitution Law

Is Also On Our Sister Site National Gun Association 

Terror Around The World

COVID-19 Virus map on CDC Website site states updated 2/26/2020

You think the NSA is bad , we have them beat we record everything

                            that is said or stated. EVERYTHING!

Airport Issues IT or Hack
The following was around the world parts below are from RT and RTE and their reporting.
Our thought is the fear of something going really wrong, and it could and very might well happen someday, we noticed a few online papers taking a crack at this making jokes that they thought it was a hack job.
Only later to take it down.
There had been service issues in the past, England it self had issues not so long ago.
Paint it how ever you want on this - no one will admitt thing's either way, and people are going to think what they want , along with trying not to cause panic in the world, with should I fly or should I not fly.
We had a plane go down in the mountians overseas, we had a plane going to Egypt and so on, people who watch this closely understand the risk and danger in flying these day's , it's a gamble no matter what you do in life now.
Terrorism is going to be with us for a long time to come.
We will leave you with this : Everyone knows it's going to get worst : nothing is being done because people do not know how to handle this mess.
We personally warned people many, many times. Now people are taking it serious, it's not a we told you so, it's just saying we warned you.
The folowing is snips from other On Line papers :
A spokesman for Dublin Airport Authority said that two BA flights scheduled to fly from Dublin to Heathrow this morning did not operate.

The airline said terminals at Heathrow and Gatwick had become extremely congested because of the IT failure and all BA flights scheduled for the rest of today had been cancelled. BA said delays could continue into tomorrow, but most long-haul flights should be able to land as normal in London. A BA spokeswoman said: "We are working hard to get our customers who were due to fly today on to the next available flights over the course of the rest of the weekend. Those unable to fly will be offered a full refund." BA is the latest airline to be hit by computer problems. Last month Germany's Lufthansa and Air France suffered a global system outage which prevented them from boarding passengers.
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British Airways has canceled all flights from London’s Heathrow and Gatwick airports due to a global IT outage Saturday. The airline said they believe the source of the outage was a power supply issue and not a cyber attack. “We believe the root cause was a power supply issue and we have no evidence of any cyber attack,” British Airways CEO, Alex Cruz, said in a video posted to Twitter.
We apologise for the current IT systems outage. We are working to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. — British Airways (@British_Airways) May 27, 2017Q
In an emailed statement to RT, British Airways said:
“Following the major IT system failure experienced earlier today, with regret we have had to cancel all flights leaving from Heathrow and Gatwick for the rest of today, Saturday, May 27."
Economic minister, Luxembourg FM meets
Tehran - IRNA – Iran's Economic Affairs and Finance Minister Ali Tayyebnia holds talks with visiting Luxembourg Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn in Tehran on Feb 13, 2017. *3
9/3/2019 Breaking News: Political [Liberal] Leader assassinated in Colombia [Breaking Her Word] - France24 Reports

Obama Biden & The Gitmo Terrorist


Build A website at Godaddy, need help just ask us , you can get help from this website on building your own as well.

       We could use others words clear and present danger - and rightly so - With Saudi Arabia taking a turn for the worst since 911 - then Jamal - then the issues in Florida and Our own President on a Assassination kick and the United Nations with little or no concern - it should set off bells and flashing lights to all of us concerned. Enough said - Click the color bar below link to site. Learn - Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

Freedom New Network

Story Posted 6/16/2016
Islamic Center Of Orlando
Inter - Faith night Every Wedenesday Evening
This week brought people of all faiths together in wake of the horrific terrorist attack at a Orlando night club.
The blood of 49 innocents, their live's were taken by Omar Mateen who was inspired by ISIL , IS or ISIS, same thing no matter how you say it, a world wide terrorist group who fear's nothing.
This page will take time to put together. This coverage is being done by Freedom News Net Work, National Gun Association and Constitutionalist Political Party Click Red Bar below photo.

Life in Iran - Open your eyes to the world!

NBC Photo

Potassium Iodide Pills: Can They Protect You From Radiation Exposure?
Answers on WebMD

We put out our warning in Dec. 2017 and shortly after so did the United Nations

What Americans Teach Their Children

Terror At London Grenfell Tower Fire
The Tower Fire left many dead, as of 6/14/2017
The Body count has been reported to Rise.
Reports of people jumping to excape being burned alive in the fire.
More to come on this shortly.

Interference in Foreign Elections Under Obama / Biden 

2/24/2020 :::::WHO warns WORLD should prepare for Pandemic Links below and we are updating our survival site that link below as well

Sunday Bloody Sunday Soldier Arrested
Details on this will be coming in the near future
The 2010 inquiry into the longest and most expensive in British legal history, has concluded that the civilians had been killed without justification and had posed no threat, prompting Prime Minister David Cameron to apologise for the killings.
One battle at a time, this is a start. We will see if thing's transpire or we get the same song and dance that we get here in the state's .
Date's, Time And Detail's shortly

Domestic Terrorism And Blood Shed Alexandria VA Against United States Goverment .
We are working on the story about what happended in Alexandria VA this morning when a clear cut case of Domestic Terrorism took place.
We will point out that this could have been extremely bad.
We will also point out that the Terror attack in Canada at Parliment and the one in London, were committed By the Islamic state. Today the terrorist attack against Govermnet of the United States was not the Isalmic state , but in fact a case of Domestic Terrorism.
Problem lyes that no one has listened to us and now people are waking up to the fact no one is untouchable from terrorism.
If someone is out to commit an act of terrorism, they will do what it takes to complete their mission and that is to install terror in the hearts and minds of people.
More to come on this story this week.

7/8/2016 Syrian Iraq ISIS Middle Conflicts
We have alot to post on our site AJ News agency warned that there has been a movement to keep us in the dark about thing's
going in the world ( Syria ect.... ) .Parts of our story took place on different dates it will be corrected, we put the date above to when we posted this
Well we are not sitting back, we covering everything going on in our world.
It's a social revolution to bring the truth. The American people are tired of being lied to.
If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter." - George Washington
The following is a statement from middle east and we have many to post and we will ad time line's and date's shortly.
For now thank you for the growing support and our counters on our website are old and do not work proper, our site is now being read in many countries.
The arrival of the chief of the joint chiefs of staff to the troops and USA General Martin Dempsey to Baghdad to check out the camp in the name of south of Baghdad.
March 10, 2017 9:12 P.M. (Updated: March 11, 2017 12:13 P.M.)
Trump expresses support for 'any process' leading to peace in region during phone call with Abbas
RAMALLAH (Ma’an) -- Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and US President Donald Trump spoke on the phone for the first time on Friday evening, with Trump officially inviting Abbas to the White House to “relaunch the peace process.”
Spokesperson for the Palestinian presidency Abu Rudeineh said that Trump had called Abbas and invited him to the White House “very soon” in order to discuss strategies of “relaunching the peace process,” while stressing his commitment to supporting “any process that could lead to real peace between Palestinians and Israelis.”
According to Rudeineh, Abbas confirmed his commitment to peace and his support for establishing an independent Palestinian state next to an Israeli state as the most practical strategy for ending the decades-long conflict in the region.
Abbas had also called Jordan’s King Abdullah II on Friday afternoon to discuss Palestinian and regional issues, and ways of achieving the Arab summit planned to be held in the Jordanian capital Amman this month.
US President Donald Trump responded ambivalently to a question last month regarding his administration’s position on the two-state solution during a press conference preceding a controversial meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, after a US official said that the country was not necessarily committed to the policy as the sole way out of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
“I’m looking at two-state and one-state, and I like the one that both parties like,” Trump said, eliciting laughter from Netanyahu. “I can live with either one.”
While members of the international community have rested the solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on the discontinuation of illegal Israeli settlements and the establishment of a two-state solution, a growing number of Palestinian activists have criticized the two-state solution as unsustainable and unlikely to bring durable peace given the existing political context, proposing instead a binational state with equal rights for Israelis and Palestinians.

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2/27/2020:::: Medical workers select medicinal materials at the provincial hospital of Tibetan medicine in Xining, northwest China's Qinghai Province, Feb. 26, 2020. Tibetan medicine is used to help fight the coronavirus in northwest China's Qinghai Province. The provincial hospital of Tibetan medicine has produced a batch of anti-virus medications featuring Tibetan medicine. Local Tibetan medicine hospitals also produced medications to prevent virus infection and distributed them to the public for free. (Xinhua/Zhang Long)

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​Let's not forget Judge Jeanie On Fox News

    "Toward Muslims "Kill Them - Kill Them "


Jubbaland Troops Targeted By IED blast near Kismayo


Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

2017 , Jan , 28th
Rouhani: Iran country of peace, friendship
Tehran, Jan 28, IRNA – The Islamic Republic of Iran is the country of peace and friendship, says President Hassan Rouhani.

“Iran is a country that has always helped promote regional and global peace and stability,” President Rouhani said on Saturday, addressing the 17th International Convention of the World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations (WFTGA).
“Iran as a nation in the region has felt deep inside the consequences of extremism, aggression and terrorism,” President Rouhani said.
“We stand by all the freedom-seeking nations that want to fight terrorism everywhere across the world,” he said.
“We are going to help all the oppressed people around the world with all in our capacity,” the Iranian President said.
“Had it not been for the help from the Islamic Republic extended to the Iraqi and Syrian people and armies, now the terrorists would have dominated Baghdad and Damascus,” Rouhani said.
Without the help from Iran, he said, instead of terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq, now there were terrorist governments ruling there, said the president.

We posted this on 6/1/2017
Caribbean Joining Muslim Islamic Caliphate In Middle East
Interesting story put out by Al Jazeera You can click on read bar to read story that goes with this vid. Once played it will become a news feed of stories, if you are wanting to watch it again and can not get to show right , then just refresh this page or the page on Al Jazeeras news website.
We will reserve our comments on this news piece at this time. Thank you for reading our site and others around the world many more news links coming in near future.

Story Coming Soon
Urban Gardening
A new old look at caring for your family and growing food at home with a little time and effort and really not much cost and leading to a next to zero cost in the future .
Spices , veggies and more. We will cover more Urban ideas and where to find what you need to do this by repurposing items.
We are adding to this website every weekend this page was started on 6/17/2017.
Times are tough on all people , you can make life a bit better save money toward other things. Learning to cook and making that dollar you earn work in a better way.
April 2017
RIO DE JANEIRO, April 5. /TASS/. Paraguay and Chile approached Russia with a request for acquisition of Ansat light multirole helicopters, Deputy General Director of Russian arms exporter Rosoboronexport Sergei Ladygin
May 28 2017
Just Honest Advice
With all the sabar rattling and deep rooted beliefs in the world, it's no longer a option, but to think serious about what could take place. And have a plan to take care of your family and community.
They have tried to say survivalist had issues , no, not so by any mean's.
With Nautral and man made issues having supplies at home is a good thing and plan of action.
They , the world has not been able to stop terrorist attacks nor can you prevent an act of God , or the climate change that has taken place for 1000's of years the planet goes through changes every so offen and that is a big fact. Our planet is always changing from plates shifting to the flow under the crust ( the rest will be on our Climate Change Page in the near future. )
Nothing wrong with trying to save up an ER fund of cash, and making a plan to have enough to survive for a month.
Many religious groups have done this for years growing up a friend who was a Mormom said to have atleast 6 months supplies on hand.
Case in point our own Government does this and not enough to feed everyone, so your on your own, case and point and a big fact.
Our survivalist site is not a money maker at all just information and ideas to help you out
It is also to get you to think, the latest terror attack should again be proof of what can happen anywhere and at any time.
We all call it the big one, it's on many good sites and not the fruit cake site's and you all know what I'm taking about.
Its reality at its finest and it will be your own fault and problem if you go with out. People know this in war torn countries.
Its been part of our history since the Revolution - to people during WW2 using Ration stamps to get some food and then the cold war .All fact not fiction.
بسم اللہ الرحمن الرحیم

اردو جہادی میگزین ’’نوائے افغان‘‘ جون 2013ء کا تازہ ترین شمارہ ریلیز
نوائے افغان میگزین جون 2013 کا شمارہ نشر ہوچکا ہے۔ اس تازہ ترین شمارے میں 2431 سال تک قائم رہنے والی مسلمانوں کی خلافت اسلامیہ، خلافت عثمانیہ کے خاتمے کا سازشی منظر اور اس کے سقوط کے بعد سے اب تک یہود ونصاری کی سازشوں اور ان کے جمہوری نظام کی وجہ سے مسلمانوں میں سے ختم ہوجانے والے تصور امت کو اداریہ سمیت مختلف مضامین زیر بحث لاکر بتایا گیا کہ مسلمانوں کے سامنے عزت وفلاح اور دنیا وآخرت کی آسودگیوں کے حصول کی واحد راہ وہی ہے جس پر افغانستان سے مالی تک کے مسلمان گامزن ہیں۔ پھر میگزین میں محسن امت شیخ اسامہ بن لادن رحمہ اللہ کے ایک بیان ’’دعوت کے لیے خلافت کی قوت کا ہونا ناگزیر ہے۔‘‘ کو مضمون کی شکل میں نشر کیا گیا جبکہ دوسرا مضمون خلافت کا تصور سمجھانے اور اسلامی نظام خلافت اور استعماری جمہوری نظام کے مابین موجود فرق کو نمایاں کرنے کے لیے حافظ محمد عبداللہ بہاورلپوری رحمہ اللہ کا نشر کیا گیا۔ اس تازہ ترین شمارے میں ایک بہت ہی عمدہ سلسلہ ’’خون مسلم کی حرمت‘‘ شروع کیا گیا ہے جس میں اس موضوع کے اوپر مجاہدین کی قیادت کی طرف سے آنے والے بیانات کو نشر کرنے کا سلسلہ شروع کیا گیا ہے۔ اس شمارے میں اس سلسلے کے تحت القاعدہ کے ایک عالم دین مجاہد شیخ عطیۃ اللہ لیبی رحمہ اللہ کا ایک بیان ترجمہ کرکے نشر کیا گیا ہے، جس میں انہوں نے کہا ہے کہ ’’چاہے ہمارا وجود فنا ہوجائے، ہماری جماعتیں اور تنظیمیں مٹ جائیں اور ہمارے منصوبے خاک میں مل جائیں مگر ہمارے ہاتھوں سے ناحق کسی مسلمان کا خون نہ بہنے پائے۔‘‘ پھر انہوں نے القاعدہ مجاہدین کی کارروائی کرنے کی ترتیب بتاتے ہوئے دنیا بھر کے مجاہدین سے کہا کہ وہ بھی تمام کارروائیاں کرنے سے پہلے القاعدہ کی طرح اس کے ہر پہلو پہلو پر تحقیق کرنے کے بعد اس کارروائی کو انجام دینے کا فیصلہ علمائے دین اور عسکری ماہرین پر مشتمل مجلس کی نگرانی میں کریں تاکہ کارروائی کی تنفیذ شرعی اور عسکری اعتبار سے بالکل درست ہو اور اس امر کو یقینی بنایا جائے کہ کوئی بیگناہ مسلمان نہ مارا جائے۔ اس شمارے میں پاکستان کے الیکشن کے بعد پیدا ہونے والی صورتحال اور سابقہ سیکولر حکمران جماعتوں اے این پی اور پیپلز پارٹی کی بدترین شکست کو زیر بحث لاکر جمہوریت کی دلدل میں دھنے جانے والے آرام پسند علماء کو دعوت دیتے ہوئے انہیں پاکستان میں موجود امریکہ کا گھوڑا جمہوریت کی حقیقت سمجھانے کی بھرپور کوشش کرتے ہوئے انہیں اسلامی طریقہ کار اپنانے کی دعوت دی گئی۔ اسی طرح نگران وزیر اعظم ہزار خان کھوسو سے لیکر بھارتی را اور قادیانی لابی کے نمائندہ پنجاب کا نگران وزیر اعلی نجم سیٹھی تک چند ہفتوں کے لیے نگران حکمران بننے والوں کا بھی اپنی نسلوں تک کو سنوارنے اور عوام کو بے دردی سے لوٹنے کے کارناموں کا تذکرہ کیا گیا۔ اس شمارے میں ایک مضمون میں بھارت کی جیلوں میں شہید ہونے والے ثناء اللہ اور پاکستان کی جیلوں میں مرنے والا سربجیت سنگھ کی موت پر جو شرمناک کردار پاکستان میں امن کی آشا لینے والوں نے ادا کیا، اس کا جائزہ لیتے ہوئے ان کے بدکردار منافقانہ پن کو نمایاں کیا گیا۔ اس کے علاوہ تازہ شمارے میں لندن میں انفرادی جہاد کی ہونے والی وولچ کارروائی، شام … عالمی جہادی میدان کے مضامین اور اس کے علاوہ دیگر مستقل سلسلے کے مضامین وانٹرویوز کو نشر کیا گیا۔ ’’نوائے افغان‘‘ میگزین جون 2013ء کا تازہ ترین شمارہ یہاں سے ڈاؤن لوڈ کریں:

Sunday, October 11, 2020 7 a.m. Start time Hangar’s Beach (745, S Atlantic Ave, Patrick AFB, FL 32925)

​We were the first one's to post the truth about Jamal ! FACT !

Tehran welcomes Chinese offer to mediate with Riyadh
Chinese FM this week offered assistance in mediating between the two regional rivals
By Ahmet Dursun ISTANBUL
Iran’s embassy in Beijing on Friday announced Tehran's readiness to hold talks with Saudi Arabia based on a Chinese offer to mediate between the two regional rivals, according to Iran’s official IRNA news agency.
The news agency reported that Tehran welcomed a mediation initiative proposed earlier this week by Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi with a view to promoting regional stability.
In a Wednesday press statement, Yang had voiced hope that Tehran and Riyadh would “resolve their differences on the basis of equality and friendly consultation”.
China, he added, “is a friend to both countries and is ready to play a mediating role”.
The Gulf States, led by Saudi Arabia, frequently accuse Iran of meddling in their domestic affairs -- claims denied by Tehran.
The Gulf States also say Tehran’s nuclear energy program poses a threat to regional security, although Tehran insists its nuclear program is entirely peaceful in nature.
Tensions mounted between the Gulf and Iran after Riyadh severed diplomatic ties with Tehran early last year.
The move came after two Saudi diplomatic missions in Iran were attacked by protesters following the execution of a prominent Shia cleric by the Saudi authorities.
Saudi Arabia and its Gulf allies also accuse Tehran of supporting the Shia Houthi militia group, which overran much of Yemen -- including capital Sanaa -- in 2014.
The ongoing conflict in Syria, meanwhile, in which the Gulf States and Iran support opposing sides, also contributed to the deterioration of Gulf-Iran ties in recent years.

Our World
Our look at Art and Music Around the world Coming Soon

"If everything in life was the same color - life itself would be pointless" -NGA

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I'm to damn tired tonight to go through files

Joint anti-terrorist exercise
A joint anti-terrorist exercise is held by China and Kyrgyzstan frontier forces in Kizilsu Kirgiz Prefecture, northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, June 27, 2017. The drill, carried out under the framework of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), was witnessed by representatives from Kazakhstan, China, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, all the SCO member countries. (Xinhua/Wang Fei)

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Lebanese Hezbollah condemns attack on Egypt Christians

Beirut, May26, IRNA – Lebanon’s Hezbollah has denounced the Friday terrorist attack on buses carrying Coptic Christians in southern Egypt, calling for a serious fight against terrorism.

Dozens were killed and many more left wounded after masked gunmen sprayed with bullets a bus packed with Coptic Christians, mostly children, south of Cairo on Friday.

The terrorist attack 'is a new crime added to the criminal record of a murderers' gang,' Hezbollah said in a statement.

It called for a 'strong and frank stance in the face of terrorism that takes religion as a cover.'

Such attacks violate the sanctity of the human soul that God has guaranteed and always injure the Ummah physically and spiritually, the statement by Hezbollah further said.

Hezbollah also called for a serious and sincere stand in face of terrorism which uses religion to overlay its crimes and for a decisive fight against the terrorists and their intellectual and financial supporters.

“This prevents these criminal terrorists from leading the world into an abyss,” it said.

At least 26 Coptic Christians were killed and another 25 wounded when buses they were traveling in were attacked by gunmen in central Egypt, authorities said on Friday.

Egyptian state television quoted a health ministry official as saying that a 'large number' of the victims were children.

Story On IRNA
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Bloomberg 2020

Understanding Islamic Fighter's 3/26/2016
Al-Hayat media center presents A message signed with blood to the nation of the cross
Islamic State ” Caliphate
The Rise Of ISIS ISIL Pages link's above will have more to the on going conflict's around the world.
April 2017
Egypt's Sisi announces state of emergency after bombings

Terror Around The World
We harp on thing's all the time. And we will keep doing so on all levels.
From The United States to South America To England To Iran To PK and many other countries around the world.
With all the tech tools and all the nations around the world with their secert service agency personal and military machines, the terrorist have proven time and time again they can out smart some of the best minds and think tanks in the world.
Futher harping the fact most countries have law enforcement and military.
And still the terrorist have managed to kill 100s and 1000's of people and cause a strain on the way people lead their lives.
They have also managed to get by heavy secure area's, from blowing up millions of dollars of EQ belonging to NATO to our own Jets in the past year's
The world is not getting safe it's becoming a huge mess.
We won't go into futther details, most who are in the field know what we talking about.
We hear all the countries condemming one action or another, it's like this you drop bombs on them , they don't care, so what are the words by leaders around the world going to do, nothing, and we mean nothing and we will keep posting the truth.
Pure lack of leadership around the world and at the United Nations. United Nations just sucking money - sending out aid and very little of it
People need to start rethinking what they are doing and excepting help from places they would not think of. Thats our coverage on the last 7 or 8 terrorist attacks
Till the next one, thank you for visiting our site and we will keeep building as we go along.
The photo below is from a terrorist website, they are planning 24/7
God Help Us all !
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Emergency Bathroom During Natural Disaster
For on the road , during a flood or any other natural disaster, a $5.00 Home depot buck with a lid and 3 mil contractor bags at Home Depot or Wally-mart works well and makes great sence.
So under $40.00 you have a ER Crapper. Keep one in your car, your home and don't forget to the Poo Paper
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Who Killed our space program? { Obama Biden } Under Which administration did the world see the highest amount of terrorism? Yep The creators of ISIS {Obama - Biden - Clinton} Who Violated Civil Rights and other acts against minorities. Michael Bloomberg:: Who left minorities - Vets and elderly in the cold During Hurricane Sandy Pulling generators from those in need for his marathon { Yep - Michael Bloomberg} !!! You Reap What You Sow :: Erin Go Bragh No Irish Support For Biden Or Bloomberg !


3/12/2020 ::: We put up warnings about this virus and what would happen now we have Democrats playing their game hiding things in the bill - When peoples lives are at stake - REMEMBER THIS YOU WILL BE VOTED OUT - We the people had ENOUGH BULLSHIT ! The Coronavirus is no game - CoVid19 can turn for the worst - Shortages taking place on select items in Florida - Major Stores out of TP [ Shit Paper]
April 2017
Deter the North American aircraft carrier attack group to return to the Western Pacific
News Source NTDTV.com

You know what other Mass Media uses 'Trump TV"

Weapons are big business - World Wide - whats in your 401K?

Al Shabaab
2/27/2020 :: Florida :: Face mask and respirators are sold out in most areas of Brevard County Florida - Paint stores - Sherwin Paints has a sign in front door out of masks - Visiting Lowes the last two a women bought for her return flight to Paris - CVS out - Walgreens Out Walmart out auto parts stores our Autozone reported Central Florida out - We made vistis to many places to see if panic set in and it has. Call around ! The ones sold out were for painting - dry wall cleaning and medical the cost of a respirators can be close to $100 and price gouging is going on !


Russian Weapons Systems

WHO :: 

Saif al-Islam Gaddafi Released
The Release came from local militias in Libya . Reports are coming out that the International Crimnal Court wants him back behind bars.
With this being said , the charges from ICC is saying that it stems from from the 2011 Uprising which we will cover at some other point and time.
The uprising tore the country apart, and now the players involved and terrorism has grown along with the Islamic state now having a larger strong hold.
We will cover more news on this as we get time to look into everything transpiring.

Isaiah 1:21 - 23

Russian Weapons Systems
Formidable Sarmat: Satan’s successor that can pierce any defense
The Makeyev Rocket Design Bureau just recently published the first image of the newest heavy intercontinental ballistic missile, the RS-28 Sarmat (also known under NATO’s reporting name SS-X-30). It is to replace its predecessor, the R36M2 Voyevoda (or NATO reporting name – the SS-18 Satan). According to a TASS source, the SS-X-30 is to be authorized for service at the end of 2018.
The SS-X-30 is to undergo pop-up tests by the end of 2016. Its flight testing is due no earlier than the end of the first quarter of 2017.
The missile’s parameters remain a state secret, so its features can be discussed only on the basis of open sources and the opinions of military specialists.
This story by TASS is about one of the greatest surprises from Russia’s defense-industrial complex that largely remains secret for the time being.
Satan’s worthy successor
The SS-X-30 is a heavy inter-continental ballistic missile (ICBM) being developed by the Makeyev Rocket Design Bureau. According to some estimates, the missile will have a liftoff mass of 100 tonnes, including a ten-tonne payload. It is to replace the world’s most powerful strategic missile, the Voyevoda (211 tonnes, including a payload of 8.8 tonnes). Its NATO reporting name is the SS-18 Satan.
The Soviet Union once had 308 SS-18s. Their manufacturer – Yuzhmash – is located in the city of Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine. The first Soviet-US Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START-1) materialized largely because Washington was under the strongest impression of the missile’s capabilities, in particular, its multiple warhead consisting of ten independently targetable re-entry vehicles each having a yield of 750 kilotonnes
Viktor Litovkin
TASS military analyst
Russia developing new ICBMs capable of overcoming US missile shield — commander
After the Soviet Union’s breakup, the plant in Dnepropetrovsk halted the production of SS-18s. Under START-1 terms, Russia scrapped 154 missiles. Those still on duty were to be withdrawn from operation after the expiration of their life cycles.
According to open sources, 46 silo-launched missiles of that class remain on duty. The SS-X-30 missiles are to take their place, for which the silos will have to be upgraded.
Invisible to missile defense
In contrast to its predecessor (the SS-18) the SS-X-30 will boast far smaller liftoff mass and a greater range of flight.
Whereas the SS-18’s range of operation was 11,000 kilometers, the SS-X-30 will be able to hit targets as far as 17,000 kilometers away and, as its designers promise, to approach the targets along flight paths crossing the South Pole, from where they are least-expected and where no missile shields are being created
Viktor Litovkin
TASS military analyst
Each SS-X-30 will carry not 10 nuclear warheads, but no fewer than 15, located in the missile’s forwardmost section. These independently targetable 150-300-kilotonne re-entry vehicles, arranged in a grape cluster-like fashion, will be able to separate from the cluster one by one when the pre-loaded program issues the order to attack the selected target.
The re-entry vehicle will be flying towards the target at hypersonic speeds (of Mach 17). The flight path’s altitude and direction will be changing all the time, thus making the weapon immune to any missile defenses – current or future one, even those relying on space-based elements. “For the SS-X-30 it makes no difference if there is a missile defense or if there is none. It will slip through unnoticed,” missile specialists say
Mass media have already mentioned the hypersonic re-entry vehicles’ name - Yu-71. Their accuracy is reportedly a hundred times greater than that of the SS-18 warheads.
This allows for arming the SS-X-30 missiles with kinetic energy warheads that destroy strategic enemy targets with a mechanical impact without a nuclear explosion. Using lower yield warheads is another alternative

Mahamud Hassan African Union Soliders To Fight Al Shabaab
Posted 7/20/2016
The grow of ISIS ISIL, we are bouncing back and forth covering the growth of ISIS.
The following statement is from a splinter group in Warizistan in 2015.More to come as we finish building our website and still get information out in the spot light where it belongs.
For far to long mass media has shut down stories and covered thing's up.Enough is enough.
Out site and others will only grow to bring the TRUTH, And now the following statement:
This is a battle between the most improverish people on earth , against the mightest super power
the world has ever known.
But my honourable brothers , on the one hand there is faith , 0n the other matter , if you take a look at history , worshippers of matter have never prevailed,
over people of faith. ..Over people possessed with sincerity and lofty ideology.
We have positive expections from Glorious Lord that in this war , victory will belong to our Unmah, even if this takes the sacrifices of millions of lives , because my honourable brothers , Islam has never come to dominate this world by begging for dominance.
Shariah has never been made dominant by begging the world that it should be made dnant ... No! The domiance of Islam demands Sacrifice . Yes it demands sacrifies . It demands a spirit selfless concern.
Praise be to Allah , this spirit has not died down in Muslim Ummah.
The Infidels will run out of missiles , but the zeal, the bodies , the spirit and the resolve of adherents of La ilaha ilallah will not die down. ,
*Arabic, Urdu, Farsi, Pashto, Uyghur, Dari, Kurdish, Turkish, Uzbek, Russian, Somali, Swahili, Hausa, and Bahasa
Key Words
Keywords: Arabic Nasheed They Heard The Sounds Of Weeping From Quds II لقد سمعوا من القدس الأنينَ palestine syria powerful emotional nasheed jundullah soldiers of Allah death but not disgrace labbayk uzbek IMU Taliban badri lashker asadullah alkhurasaani; shishani; asadullah; long live the taliban; Jamia Hafsa Urdu Forum; long live the taliban; chechen; Abi Abu Afghan Afghani Afghanistan Allah Ali America American Anfaal Anfal Ansaar Ansar Aqsaa Aqsa Ayman Ayn Azzam Badr Bay Bin Bosnia Chechnya Dajjaal Dajjal Dhalim Dhalimeen Dhulm Fard Fasaad Fasad Fatawa Fatah Feesabilillah Feesabeelillah Fisabeelillah Fisabilillah Gaza Ghazwa Ghazwat Ghraib Guantanamo Gujarat Hadeeth Hadith Hamas Hamza Hoori Hur Ibn Iraq Islam Islamic Israel Israeli Jew Jihaad Jihaadi Jihaadist Jihad Jihadi Jihadist Jizya Jizyah Kaafir Kafir Kashmir Khaalid Khalid Khalifah Khattaab Khattab Khilafah Kufaar Kufar Kuffaar Kuffar Kufr Laaden Laden Lions Mahdi Maqdis Muhaajireen Muhajireen Mujaahid Mujaahideen Mujahid Mujahideen Munafiq Munafiqeen Murtad Murtadeen Musab Muslim Nifaaq Nifaq Palestine Qaaida Qaeda Qaeeda Qaida Quds Quran Sa'd Salaf Salafi Sahaabah Shahaadah Sahabah Saif Salahudeen Sayf Shabaab Shabab Shahadah Shaheed Shuhadah Somaal Somalia Sunnah Taghoot Taghout Taliban Ulema Umar Ummah USA Usaama Usaamah Usama Usamah Waajib Waleed Waqqas Yahood Yahud Zawaahiri Zawahiri Zarqawi; JHUF; jihad; greatest of all deeds; long live the taliban; mujahideen; khurasan; khurasaan; TTP; As sahab media; umar media; Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan; Syria; Shaam; ISIS; islamic state of iraq and shaam imam anwar al awlaki ehsaan nasheed labbayk nasheed group audi archive collection mufti abu zharr azzam ayman zawahiri zarqawi osama bin laden shaheed

More Below

The Constitution Freedom And Faith
Understanding Gods Law and Natures Law and the reason for Lady Justice being blind.
""Not in my house" and the meaning of it will be covered.
Our country was built on faith, and our Founding Fathers wrote many documents all of which were faith based. Gods Law And Natures Law.
You can not pick and choose what you want out of the Constitution, our Founding Fathers studied the rasie and fall of all nations. And The Bill of rights and the Constitution are almost perfect in all respect and including the Federalist Papers Written by Alexander Hamilton.
The saying In God We Trust has been with us since the turn of time.
In God We Trust is on our Money on our buildings and in our Court houses.
Someday what has slowly been being taken from us will be restored to it's proper Glory.
The following are parts of our history and we are not picking or choosing, we simply stating facts about our country and faith, we took snips to give you a better understanding, and in hopes you read the rest of what our Founding Fathers wrote and not get lost in the wilderness in your studies.
1. The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America
When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.
2.::(the Representatives of the united States of America, in General Congress, Assembled, appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world for the rectitude of our intentions)
We will be adding to this story in the near future, we are doing this because there are many misguided people not understanding what real freedom is. And what has caused the moral fabric of society to be shreaded. We recommend that you pick up a copy of the Holy Bible and start reading, those quotes you all speck of while fighting for our God Given rights and our Constitutional rights are faith based.
We will put these and many other things on our sites in near future.
Thank you for reading our sites
God Bless
Reporting Syria: 'There's a direct threat for everyone'
Story On AJ
Attempts to silence Syrian journalists and activists continue unabated by the regime and armed rebel groups.

Investigate The Unknown? Did you? 

Environmental Project Our Sister Site

America Under Attack
Our country is being attacked, whether it is one person who get's beheaded, shot or stabbed to death, or many, at the end of the day it's at the hand's of ISIS ( or ISIL or what ever people call them next.) America is under attack.
(They are TERRORIST attacks at the end of the day.)
People say there is always going to be a terrorist attacks, get use to it, well,Americans are not going to take much more of this.
They just start screaming gun control. I guess if that work's for them, only serving to cover up or divert attention away from the real issue.
And the real issue is terrorism - that they can not seem to understand.
It's only going to get worst in this country , it's not a matter of when, it's a matter how many more and how long is going to take our Government to realize the problem and call it what it is terrorism, our country is under attack.
Keep taking it out on the American people for your Incompetence and complete failure to heed to the warning sign's.
More coming shortly, and for now we will leave you with this- I wonder how many more people are going to have to die for the lack of leadership in this country.

Irish Pride

Mohamed Adbullia Farmajo and US Emb To Somalia Stephen Schwaatz

Living by a code of Honor
Through out the ages many group's have lived by a code of honor.
RT did a piece called Blood And Honor Chechen Vendetta Code.
We have decided to do a story on the history of the Honor Code.
The honor code is all about gone in some part's of the world, but remains deeply embedded in some culture's.
More to come in the next few months , we are still poking along building our network.
Thanks for stopping by.

We have redacted some of our work till 2020

NATO welcomes Italy’s missile defense system in Turkey
Tehran – IRNA - First Vice President Eshaq Jahangiri holds talk with visiting First Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Igor Shuvalov in Tehran on Feb 21, 2017. *3*

Brady Anti-Gun Campaign Facts

Tehran – IRNA - Minister of Defense Brigadier General Hossein Dehqan holds talk with Pakistani Prime Minister's Foreign Affairs Advisor Sartaj Aziz in Tehran on Feb 21, 2017. *3*
Department of Enviroment Iran
April 2017
Massoumen Ebtekar NDFI
National Devoplment fund of Iran has put forth $100 Million to Revive the wetlands.
Efforts being put forth by other countries to end the dust issues in the middle.


Cold War Bunkers
This was reality and during the cold war many were built, fact is our Government has many of. So with that being said, reality is reality and people have done this for a long time in this country and are still doing it.
We got to visit with some people who had one in there home, that was built back when, very cool set up.
The way the world is going with Nukes its not a bad idea and being revisited by many including our Government , again if STHF who is going to protect you and your family?
When Russian Insider made reference to having the capability of taking out 112.6 million people on the east coast in a single day (Their website 2016), we no longer find it funny with what is going on. And now the chance Nukes are going to be sold to Japan of all places and South Korea, thats when the writting on the wall is called reality !


Terrorist Groups Using Paypal To Collect Funds
ISIL / ISIS / and the Taliban
Following is a statement from their story/Please click red bar below photo to read the rest of this story, and view many other photos of Taliban and ISIS.
"The Taliban are saying: 'We are fighting for the independence of Afghanistan, according to Afghanistan's geography. We don't want to attack Russia. We don't want to attack America.'"
"But ISIL is saying: 'We will attack America, we will attack everywhere. We want one Islamic country and that means the Islamic Caliphate."

Relationship Between China - North Korea
Reports from around the world that China and North Korea are still trading along with movement of trucks and goods of unknown contents.
The problem lyes deeply with the fact if all out war breaks out in the area that China will be run over with 10s of 1000s of people creating mass problems, food and so on.
We hope people start thinking clearly that the world is a mess and to remind us all that terrorism is at an all time high.
Our products come from China and many other countries, so any disruption in the flow of goods around the world will have a huge impact on the way we live in this country.
Others around the world are starting to see that we have some real issues, that includes resistance groups from around the world.
The silk road project and many other good things are taking place.
Its a massive spider web, you tear down part of a spiders web ,its back up the next morning.
People need , really need to start thinking, which is hard for many to do, with mistrust and deep rooted beliefs , we see its going to take 4 to 8 years just to bring common sence to the world.
People are trying to change their ways.It's not going to happen over night.
Since we started this site, we have seen many meetings around the world going on trying to bring Global Stabilty and peace, we guess that is better then all out war. Which might happen anyways.
We are reaching a point of no return. Its a real shame with all that God has given to us, we are distroying what little we have, it's the only planet we have.
Just a simple thought to this story. Thanks for reading our sites.


Keyan Troops In Somalia
April 2017
Israeli soldier killed in 'car attack' near Ramallah
Palestinian man from Silwad shot and detained after he allegedly ran over two soldiers outside the Ofra settlement.
Reforest Lebanon
Two tree-nurserires are planned to be established in the north and in the south of Lebanon. These nurseries should provide us with sufficient trees for our reforestation campaigns throughout the country. Cedars, Pine, Cypress and other Firs are the main focus of these nurseries.

Release Date Won't Be Oct. - It Will Be April 1st, 2020


Anadolu Agency Chairman and Director General Senol Kazanci (L) and Director of the Russian News Agency (TASS) Sergei Mikhailov (R-2) sign a cooperation agreement between Anadolu Agency and Russian News Agency as Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan (L-2) and Russian President Vladimir Putin (R-3) gesture in, Moscow, Russia on March 10, 2017. ( Sefa Karacan - Anadolu Agency )
Turkey's Anadolu Agency and Russia's official TASS news agency have signed a cooperation deal in the Russian capital Moscow on Friday.
The agreement was signed by Anadolu Agency Chairman and Director-General Senol Kazanci and TASS Director-General Sergey Mihaylov at a ceremony at Kremlin Palace in presence of Turkish President Recep Tayyip and Russian President Vladimir Putin following their face to face meeting.
The agreement covers exchange of news stories and photos.
It also aims to enable flow of fast and accurate news between the two news agencies as well as sharing of their experiences.
As part of the deal, TASS will be able to benefit from Anadolu Agency's War Journalism Program.
Turkey's oldest news corporation Anadolu Agency broadcasts in eleven languages, including Turkish, English, French, Arabic, Persian, Kurdish (two dialects), Russian, Macedonian, Bosnian (three dialects) and Albanian, which enables it to reach millions of people around the world.
AA covers the world with its correspondents in 81 countries.
Reporting by Hakan Ceyhan Aydogan, Emre Gurkan Abay; Writing by Ahmet Sait Akcay

                    The second Largest Share Holder ( Saudi Arabia) in FOX News was broken by NPR News Years back so the next time you watch the "Trump TV channel as its called by MSNBC" Remember who  is Murdoch (Mr. Anti-Gun) 

Stopping The Dust Problems In Khuzestan
Visiting soil stabilisation programme and desert greening in Khuzestan
It's a fact that the digital age can be man kinds down fall in some respect.
We worked with FEMA and many other's. Matter of fact we had talks with a group of Government workers who came up to New York State After the big storm's. Their Idea was to put rain and water level messuring devices along the river. ( Educated fools ).
We asked them how they were going to get the word out, they said Time Warner ( TV ) , ( OK ) ( Wrong answer we all know when the power goes out their is no TV service.
You smart ones get the point on where that conversation went, and yes we were not nice to them on any level. They finaly saw our veiw points.
Fact we only have each other in time of need.
When and if the terror network figure's out how to shut thing's down we are screwed ( well most of you are and that's a fact )
Look at Storm Sandy just for example, no power - no fuel- no real help from the Government and thats a damn fact.
We will have new email address and communications up in the near future.
We highly recommend getting radio EQ. Form your groups ( Preppers ) and chip in for EQ.
Security Issues In The World
We started a Internet Security Divison through National Gun Association.
As you all know our Government stated they have issues trying to stop terrorism, well we know that.
They now say see something say something, we have said that ourselves.
Under lying issues with that statement, so those who pay attention to what is going on in the world.
Just be prepared for anything and everything.Nothing wrong with being or belonging to a Prepper Group, they are all over, or a survivalist group that can help you protect your family.
Consider it Civil Defence on steroids.Or The return of the cold war either or welcome to the new age.
We have two sites listed below which most of you all ready know.
Our Survivalist Training Guide And National Gun Association Security Division
CB Radios Have Weather Alerts for your Area
Great item to have with you, they are made By Cobra, and there are many other systems with alerts
Cell Phones can and will go down at times
This is simple adivce in case we get a big storm making land fall this year.
Better to spend a couple bucks then to be sorry wishing you had planned ahead.
As always Weather Channel and NOAA
Chairman of N.Korean Supreme Assembly confers with Larijani
Tehran - IRNA – Chairman of Supreme People’s Assembly of Democratic People Republic of Korea Choe Thae-bok met Majlis (parliament) Speaker Ali Larijani on Sunday, Feb 19. *3*
2/27/2020 ::DW News Conflict Zone Saudi Arabia Adel Al-Jubeir admitted to The Killing Of Jamal And Remember we were the first ones to report it here in America :: While some were trying to cover their Saudi Piggy Bank :: Justice will prevail for Jamal Khashoggi :: In God We Trust - Remember this International Law Was Violated End Of Story The ICC should have tried this case ! Saudi Arabia States - Trying to Twist - that we talk about stop the hate - well this message is for them Our Coalition is made up of every faith and race! Nice Try - Truth Matters - No One is above Gods Law!

I Dream Of Jeannie 

Solar Off Grid Saving Lives
SunDanzer Medical Refrigerator locations

Story On National Geographic. India Plants 50 million tree's
More than 800,000 volunteers pitched in to help the country fight climate change.
7/5/2016 Understanding Islamic Fighters
The following photo (s) and statement on Open source Jihad is just the tip of the iceberg.The fight is only growing against what they call
Imperalistic nations. They have grown world wide ( ISIS ( ISIL ) , and with that being said our Government can no longer hide the truth , nor hoping that it will go away if we don't talk about it
Sad state of affairs, we are going to keep posting the truth !
The ISIS or what ever they are being called today or tommorow, they are again a world wide network.
There is a call to distroy America, France, England and many other's. There are lists floating around in there play book's and other source's
We understand what is going on, and with the amount of journalist being beheaded, shot and other interesting forms of bodily harm
we desided to just keep posting with'in reason. We are not posting the whole play book at anytime, just part's there of , just to point out how serious this is getting.
Life as we know it has changed in this country, and is going to get worst before it get's better.
Our website recieves no funding from anyone at this point , so we answer to no one but ourselves.
The website is a mess for now as we build behind the scences. Thank you for visting our websites and we will respond to your questions when we can or when we feel like it.
The contact us link is at the top of page.
The following :Statement ( ISIS ) is from below photo.

Open Source Jihad
A resource manual for those who loathe the tyrants ; includes bomb making techniques, security measures , guerrila tactics , weapons training and all other jihad related activites.
.Informal - A disaster for the respressive imperialistic nations : The open source jihad is Americas worst nightmare.
. It allows Muslims to train at home instead of risking a dangerous travel abroad :
Look no further, the open source jihad is now at hands reach

Palestinian shot dead after driving truck into Israeli soldiers.
The driver killed 4 of them before being shot .
Are You Prepared
I can bet dollars to donuts your not, nor is your Governemnt.
On 911 with in less then 24 hours a great bunch of people had trucks and heavy moving EQ ready to roll to NYC if needed.
I personally made sure my family was safe that morning , in a safe location and we went to town putting a disaster team together in Upstate NY.
With all the terrorist attacks going on , its only a matter of time.
Our own Government has admitted they have never dealt with this type thing , nor seen this type and level of things that are transpiring today.
So with that being said, take time to learn . It's your ass that will be on the line when it does happen, are you prepared to care for your family, are you really
Think about it. There was a first attemp at the towers, need I remind you, and guess what years later they did it.
So if you think terrorism is going away, it's not !
And that is a huge fact ! Look how many in the past 7 years !
Palestine To Open Embassy In Holy City
BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) -- The inauguration of the first Palestinian Embassy in the Vatican city will take place on Saturday January 14, and will be attended by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Pope Francis, according to a statement from a spokesperson for the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO).


Hurricane Season Be Prepared You Never Know
Iraqi Ministry of Defense
Published on Jul 1, 2016
نفذت قيادة طيران الجيش عدة ضربات ناجحة استهدفت أرتالاً لداعش الإرهابي في منطقة عامرية الفلوجة، إذ ألحقت خسائر كبيرة في صفوف التنظيم الإرهابي من آليات وعتاد، ولاحقت بقية العناصر التي كانت تعتزم الفرار، وتأتي هذه الجهود التي يبذلها أبطال طيران الجيش، في إطار تعزيز الانتصارات التي يحققها أبطال الجيش العراقي على أرض الميدان في الفلوجة وغيرها.
We ran into a few issues, when you fight for freedom you will have people who will try to shut you down, we are back up running.
We started back out with covering the rise of ISIS / ISIL. Our website is a work in progress and we will have contact information shortly, thank you for your support.
Nuclear Terrorism
The threat is real. Belgium handed out Potassium Iodide pills in 2016 according to WSJ and other on line news papers. Along with what happened in Japan which was a act of nature.
New York State has slated closing a plant there.
In todays world of terrorism, the only advice we can give people is not to live your life in fear, but to be proactive and a wear of your surrounding.
While countries threaten to nuke each other, there will always be someone in the background ready if given the chance to cause an issue. And we see this more and more as time goes on. Terrorism has grown at an alarming rate.
More on issues concerning these and other threats coming soon.

Remember When Civil Defense
Washington State is now considering a nuke e-vac plan to save as many lives as they can. That is a first , someone taking the treats in a serious manner. This was brought up on mass media.
People just taking about it should tell you that our Government ( Washington State ) are taking things very serious.
Well with that being said. and we harp on having a plan in place. If that day ever comes there will be mass panic on a extreme level.
More to come on what to do in the next few weeks.
Below are old photos of what use to take place in this country.
Being prepared is a good thing.
1/23/2020:: We have made changes to our sites Everything National Security - Terrorism - Weather - Medical Alerts - Disasters will be on our Survival Site this is to make it easy for the Government Goon Squad to keep up with things - Including our State Run Media and all the Security Goons around around the world - All links will be adjusted over the next month. CLICK ON RED Bar Below
Welcome To The New Age
This is from a terrorist website, nice, wait till they bring these here, or better yet start making them here.
Think we are kidding, then it's your ass that will have to deal with it when it does.
There has been steady threats of Bio Weapons use against this country
Along with the fact they are easy to make transport and set in to place.
They can not stop the drugs from coming in this country - google it the amount of shipments actually checked at anyone time.
And the flow of goods coming in this country are unreal, drugs illegal animal trade just name it.
With the rise of TERRORISM world wide its a matter of time along with cyber attacks, in which the UK was reported to being hit this past week.
As we stated Welcome to the new age
Oh and we have been warning for years and people who know us know we are dead on with what we post.
Thank you for reading our sites.

Our Sister Site Survivalist Training Guide Is Being Overhauled

Story Coming Soon
May 28 2017
Saudi Arabia - Iran
The conflict is growing in the Middle East again, a lot of Sabar rattling.
Nothing new, every since blood was spilled on the Quran , it's been none stop brother killing brother and ISIS taking full advantage of this, a steady supply of weapons is now on the market world wide.'
Iran stating Saudi Arabia better watch what they are doiing and pretty much not test them.
Along with Iran calling for holy sites to be left alone.
There is alot to this conflict that is growing and reminding you all that some nations have Nukes and some nations have satellites and some of those who have these items also side with Iran.
China and PK have tried to lower tentions in the Middle East and we do not see that happening any time soon.
With a few terror groups running around causing issues and major countries going at it, its just a matter of time before someone cuts loose
People need to start thinking about what they are doing, just food for thought !
Newspaper flying on social media
UK Home to 23,000 jihadists
This Newspaper cover is popping up on tweety bird media and many other social media sites and of course not being taken well in the Islamic world.
April 2017 Ireland
Paint thrown at 1916 wall was act of callous vandalism, says Glasnevin Trust


1 / 8 / 2017
In the past, ISIL has used drones in Iraq and Syria for general intelligence-gathering, as spotters for mortar firing, and even for filming propaganda videos
[John Beck/Al Jazeera]

Turkey, Qatar, Sudan
Defense ministers meet in Khartoum
3 defense ministers also attend opening of Soor factory in Khartoum that will produce military uniforms for Sudanese army